Geology Club Speaker Series

The Geology Club at San José State University is a student-organized group that typically meets on Mondays at 12:00pm in Duncan Hall 306. Geology Club membership is free, but optional lunch fees for this semester are $30 for students and $35 for faculty. 

The Speaker Series is the Geology Club's weekly event, which gives students and faculty the opportunity to hear geology-related talks from guest professionals and educators on a wide variety of geologic subjects.

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Speaker Series, Fall Semester 2015




9/14/15 Hari Mix
-Santa Clara University
"The Linked Evolution of Climate and Topography in the Sierra Nevada"
9/28/15 Andrea Llenos
-United States Geological Survey
"Assessing Earthquake Hazards in the Anthropocene: Induced Seismicity in the Central and Eastern US"
10/5/15 Anne Sanquini
"The Nepal Earthquake: Eyewitness Account & Research Update"

Yihe Huang


"Detecting small induced earthquakes and their source properties."

Emily Brodsky
-University of California, Santa Cruz

"How to Create an Effective Résumé and Craft a Cover Letter"

Emily Montgomery-Brown
-United States Geological Survey

"Deformation of Kilauea Volcano: Slow Slip Events and Periodic Dike Intrusions."

Leslie Gordon
-United States Geological Survey

"Communicating about Science with the Media"

Jennifer Fehrenbacher
-University of California, Davis


Emily Rivest
-University of California, Davis


Eileen Evans
-United States Geological Survey


Mr. Dan Ibarra



Speaker Series, Spring Semester 2015




1/26/15 Kim Blisniuk
-San Jose State University
"Quantifying active landscapes: A case study from the southern San Andreas fault system"
2/02/15 Diego Melgar
-Berkeley Seismology Lab
"Observing the seismic and tsunami source with geophysical data"
2/09/15 Rick Blakely
-United States Geological Survey
"Tectonic links between Cascadia’s backarc and forearc: Applying lessons from Christchurch, New Zealand, to the Pacific Northwest"
2/16/15 Bradley Erskine
"Building a Dam Out of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA)- Challenges and Solutions"
2/18/15 Nellie Rochon-Ellis
-SJSU Career Consultant
"How to Create an Effective Résumé and Craft a Cover Letter"
2/23/15 Jenny Suckale
"Slug or Plug: Why does Stromboli volcano erupt?"
3/02/15 Kristoffer Szilas
"Archean geochemistry of SW Greenland"
3/16/15 Tania Treis
-Panorama Environmental Services
"Geology and Hydrology in Land Use Policy"
3/30/15 Earl Hagstrom
-Sedgwick Law
"Industry Challenging County and Municipal Bans (of fracking) on Multiple Fronts"

4/06/15 Kaitlin Maguire
-UC Merced
"Pleistocene Vertebrate Fauna of Silicon Valley"
4/13/15 Anne Sanquini
"Accelerating the Mitigation of Natural Hazard Risk"
4/20/15 Ben Black
-UC Berkeley
"Methane rivers run through it: quantifying fluvial erosion on Titan"
4/27/15 Kayla Iacovino
-United States Geological Survey
"Evolution and degassing of alkaline magmas from two of the strangest places on Earth: Erebus, Antarctica and Paektu, North Korea"
4/29/15 Nina Abdollahian
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Diversity and community structure of marine invertebrate fossil assemblages from the Neogene of the Dominican Republic"
5/04/15 Jennifer Pence
-Senior Thesis Defense
"Structural analysis and evolution of the Entiat Fault Zone, a major Eocene structure of the North Cascades, Washington"
5/06/15 Mae Marcaida
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Resolving the timing of late Pleistocene dome emplacement of Mono Craters rhyolites, California, using combined U–Th and Ar/Ar dating"
5/11/15 Brittany Johnson
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Lithologic Constraints on Knickpoint Formation in Sierra Nevada Bedrock Channels"
  Evan Enriquez
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Debris Flow Fans in Yosemite Valley, California"
5/13/15 Anthony Lenci
-Master's Thesis Defense
"A Snail's Tale: A Geological History of a Species"
5/20/15 Katie Bryant
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Structural Analysis of Eocene Dikes Near the Duncan Hill Pluton, North Cascades, Washington"
  Neil Fenning
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Deformation and Intrusive Patterns During Eocene Transtension: Eastern Part of the Skagit Gneiss Complex, and Adjacent Units, North Cascades, Washington"
  Kelly Dustin
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Structure, Construction, and Geochemistry of the Cretaceous Seven-Finger Jack Intrusive Complex in the Klone Peak Area, North Cascades, Washington"