Geology Club Speaker Series

The Geology Club at San José State University is a student-organized group that typically meets on Mondays at 12:00pm in Duncan Hall 306. Geology Club membership is free, but optional lunch fees for this semester are $30 for students and $35 for faculty. 

The Speaker Series is the Geology Club's weekly event, which gives students and faculty the opportunity to hear geology-related talks from guest professionals and educators on a wide variety of geologic subjects.

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Speaker Series, Fall Semester 2016





Dr. Jonathan Miller 
San Jose State University

“Summer Field Camp Presentation"

Johanna Nevitt
- USGS Earthquake Science Center  

"Fault slip and related deformation in the shallow crust"

Dr. Greg Lucic  
Picarro, Inc.

"Structural Controls on the emission of magmatic carbon dioxide gas, Long Vally Caldera, USA"

Dr. Nicholas Swanson-Hysell
- UC Berkeley

"Rapid rates of Mesoproterozoic paleogeographic change and assembly of the supercontinent Rodinia"

Dr. Erika Rader              

“Spatter bombs: A window into eruptive conditions on Earth and beyond"

Dr. Brian Collins 

"It's getting hot out there: the role of heat in rockfall initiation and spontaneous fracture"

Dr. Greg Balco                      
Berkeley Chronology Center

 "The absence of evidence of absence of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet"

Dr. Paul Renne
UC Berkeley


Mr. Jeff Sloane                   
 -USGS National Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Project Office                                                 

"Use of Unmanned Aircraft systems for Geology and other Natural Resource Applications" 
11/21/16 Dr. Noah Finnegan               

- UC Santa Cruz

"Evidence for feedback between deformation and groundwater flow at a a large, slow moving landslide in the Diablo Range near San Jose, CA"

Mr. Timothy Dawson            
- California Geological Society

 "Challenges in Surface Rupture Hazards Assessment:Insights from the 2014 Napa Earthquake"

Dr. Thomas Bristow           - NASA Ames

 "An Exploration of Ancient Habitable Environments on Mars"
12/12/16 Thesis Defense  


Speaker Series, Spring Semester 2016





Dr. Thomas Gobel   
UC Santa Cruz  

"A problematic assessment of induced seismicity and injections operation in California and Oklahoma" 
2/15/16 Dr Maria-Teresa Ramirez-Herrera 

- Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

"Long-term to short-term Vertical Deformation across the Forearc in the Central Mexican Subduction Zone"
2/22/16 Laurie Racca

- Department of Consumer Affairs: Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists 

"Geologist-In-Training Exam"
2/29/16 Dr. Stephen Self 

- UC Berkeley 

"Mt. Tambora bicentennial"
3/7/16 Dr. Jerome De Graff

- CSU Fresno

"The challenges of providing landslide information and emergency response"
3/14/16 Callie Sendak

- M.S. Thesis Defense 

 "Zircon Geochemical and Isotropic Constraints on the Evolution of the Mount Givens Pluton, Central Sierra Nevada Batholith"
3/21/16 None  "Spring Break"
4/4//16 Dr. Lisa White

- UC Berkeley

"Understanding Global Change: A new web resource from the University of California Museum of Paleontology" 
4/11/16 Eric Gottlieb
- Stanford University 
"Using xenocrystic zircons to probe the tectono-magnetic history of the deep crust in the hinterland of the North American Cordillera" 
4/18/16    Dr. Matthew Winnick

- Stanford University 

  Quantifying paleoclimate dynamics using isotopes in precipitation" 
4/25/16 TBA "TBA"
5/2/16 TBA "TBA"
5/9/16 TBA "TBA"