Geology Club Speaker Series

The Geology Club at San José State University is a student-run organization that typically meets on Mondays at 12:00pm in Duncan Hall 306. Geology Club membership fee for this semester is $30 for students and $35 for faculty. This fee brings you the weekly Speaker Series lectures as well as any other events that may occur.

The Speaker Series is the Geology Club's weekly event, which gives students and faculty the opportunity to hear geology-related talks from guest professionals and educators on a wide variety of geologic subjects.

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Speaker Series, Fall Semester 2013




2/03/14 Eglantine Boulard
-Stanford University
"Investigating Carbon-rich Phases at Lower-Mantle Conditions"
2/10/14 Charles Bacon
-United States Geological Survey
"Geology, Geochemistry, and Seismicity of Aniakchak Caldera Volcano, Aleutian Arc"
2/17/14 Monika Kress
-Associate Professor, San José State University
"Searching for meteorites in Antarctica"
3/03/14 Elizabeth Hermsen
-Assistant Professor, Ohio University
"Exploring the Ancient Woods and Wetlands of Patagonia: Field Work and Fossil Floras"
3/17/14 Jonathan Miller
-Professor, San José State University
"Insights from Zircon into the Late Cretaceous Sierra Nevada Magmatic Flare-Up"
4/07/14 Harry Cook
-United States Geological Survey
4/14/14 Thorne Lay
-Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
"A Recent Surge of Great Earthquakes and What We Are Learning From Them"
4/21/14 Olenka Hubickyj
-Lecturer, San José State University
4/28/14 -Master's Thesis Defenses TBA
5/05/14 -Master's Thesis Defenses TBA
5/12/14 -Master's Thesis Defenses TBA