Geology Club Speaker Series

The Geology Club at San José State University is a student-organized group that typically meets on Mondays at 12:00pm in Duncan Hall 306. Geology Club membership is free, but optional lunch fees for this semester are $30 for students and $35 for faculty. 

The Speaker Series is the Geology Club's weekly event, which gives students and faculty the opportunity to hear geology-related talks from guest professionals and educators on a wide variety of geologic subjects.

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Speaker Series, Spring February 2016





Dr. Thomas Goebel
UC Santa Cruz

“A probabilistic assessment of induced seismicity and injection operations in California and Oklahoma: Implications for crustal stress distributions.”

Dr. Maria-Teresa Ramírez-Herrera
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México   

“Long - to Short-term Vertical Deformation across
the Forearc in the Central Mexican Subduction zone.”

Laurie Racca 
Department of Consumer Affairs: Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists

"Geologist-in-Training exam."
2/29/16 Dr. Stephen Self
- UC Berkeley
"Mt. Tambora bicentennial."
3/7/16 Dr. Jerome De Graff                                  - CSU Fresno “The challenges of providing
landslide information during an emergency response.”

Callie Sendek
- Ms Thesis Defence - SJSU

"Zircon Geochemical and Isotopic Containts on the Evolution of the Mount Givens Pluto, Central Sierra Nevada Batholith."
3/21/16 None  
4/4/16 Dr. Lisa White
UC Berkeley
"Understanding Global Change: A newweb resource from the University of California Museum of Paleontology."

Eric Gottlieb                                          
- Stanford University                                                 

“Using xenocrystic zircons to probe the tectono-magmatic history of the deep crust in the hinterland of the North American Cordillera.”
4/18/16 Dr. Matthew Winnick               
- Stanford University
"Quantifying paleoclimate dynamics using isotopes in precipitation."
4/25/16 TBA  
5/2/16 TBA  
5/9/16 TBA  


Speaker Series, Fall Semester 2015





9/14/15 Hari Mix
-Santa Clara University
"The Linked Evolution of Climate and Topography in the Sierra Nevada"

Andrea Llenos
-United States Geological Survey

"Assessing Earthquake Hazards in the Anthropocene: Induced Seismicity in the Central and Eastern US"
10/5/15 Anne Sanquini
"The Nepal Earthquake: Eyewitness Account & Research Update"
10/12/15 Yihe Huang
"Detecting small induced earthquakes and their source properties."
10/19/15 Emily Brodsky
-University of California, Santa Cruz
"How to Create an Effective Résumé and Craft a Cover Letter"
10/26/15 Emily Montgomery-Brown
-United States Geological Survey
"Deformation of Kilauea Volcano: Slow Slip Events and Periodic Dike Intrusions."
11/2/15 Leslie Gordon
-United States Geological Survey
"Communicating about Science with the Media"
11/9/15 Jennifer Fehrenbacher
-University of California, Davis
11/16/15 Emily Rivest
-University of California, Davis
11/23/15 Eileen Evans
-United States Geological Survey
11/30/15 Mr. Dan Ibarra