Geology Club Speaker Series

The Geology Club at San José State University is a student-organized group that typically meets on Mondays at 12:00pm in Duncan Hall 306. Geology Club membership is free, but optional lunch fees for this semester are $30 for students and $35 for faculty. 

The Speaker Series is the Geology Club's weekly event, which gives students and faculty the opportunity to hear geology-related talks from guest professionals and educators on a wide variety of geologic subjects.

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Speaker Series, Spring Semester 2014




2/03/14 Eglantine Boulard
-Stanford University
"Investigating Carbon-rich Phases at Lower-Mantle Conditions"
2/10/14 Charles Bacon
-United States Geological Survey
"Geology, Geochemistry, and Seismicity of Aniakchak Caldera Volcano, Aleutian Arc"
2/17/14 Monika Kress
-Associate Professor, San José State University
"Searching for meteorites in Antarctica"
3/03/14 Elizabeth Hermsen
-Assistant Professor, Ohio University
"Exploring the Ancient Woods and Wetlands of Patagonia: Field Work and Fossil Floras"
3/17/14 Jonathan Miller
-Professor, San José State University
"Insights from Zircon into the Late Cretaceous Sierra Nevada Magmatic Flare-Up"
4/07/14 Harry Cook
-United States Geological Survey
"Evolution of the Western North American Late Proterozoic–Paleozoic Passive-Margin Carbonate Platform through Time and Space and its Super-Giant Carlin-Type Gold Deposits"
4/14/14 Thorne Lay
-Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
"A Recent Surge of Great Earthquakes and What We Are Learning From Them"
4/21/14 Olenka Hubickyj
-Lecturer, San José State University
Planetary Formation
4/28/14 Brent Johnson
-Master's Thesis Defense

"Thermal and Compositional Evolution of the Mid-Miocene Searchlight Magmatic System Recorded by Zircon"

  Scott Elkins
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Structure, construction, and geochemistry of the highly elongate, Cretaceous Seven-Fingered Jack pluton in the Devil's Smokestack Area, North Cascades, Washington"
5/05/14 Lauren Short
-Master's Thesis Defense

"The Role of Large Woody Debris in Inhibiting the Dispersion of a Post-Fire Sediment Pulse"
  Ka'ai Jensen
-Master's Thesis Defense
"The Role of Lithology in Glacial Valley Cross-Sectional Shape"
5/07/14 Nicholas Sylva
-Senior Thesis Defense
"Structure of Eocene Dikes of the Duncan Hill Pluton, North Cascades, WA- Implications for Regional Strain During Postulated Ridge Subduction"
  Dustin Williams
-Senior Thesis Defense
"Geochemistry of Miocene Volcanic Rocks Exposed near San Luis Reservoir, Central California Coast Ranges: Mantle Heterogeneity in a Transitional Subduction-Transform Setting"
5/12/14 Rachel Unger
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Petrology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lost Burro Formation, Death Valley, California"
  Alan Kuoch
-Master's Thesis Defense
"Examination of Multiparticle Transport as a Function of Slope and Sediment Volume"
5/14/14 Zhengzheng Qin
-Master's Thesis Defense
"An Unsaturated-Zone Flux Study in A Highly-Fractured Bedrock Area: Ground Water Recharge Study and Modeling at the Masser Recharge Site, East-Central Pennsylvania"
  Marsha Lidzbarski
-Master's Thesis Defense
"U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Peach Spring and Cook Canyon Ignimbrites, Western Arizona: Timescale of Assembly of an Early Miocene Supereruption"