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Meet our newest assistant professors:


Carlie PietschCarlie Pietsch

"I am a paleontologist with a focus on marine communities associated with mass extinction and extreme climate events in geologic history. I am particularly interested in the disconnect of recovery pace and process between local and global scales following mass extinction events. My research on extreme climate events serves as both a proxy for anthropogenic climate change and as a window into the impact of climate on evolutionary trajectories. I work extensively in the field to document sedimentological changes and collect fossil samples. I use museum collections and fossil databases as well as laboratory tools including microfacies, stable isotope geochemistry, and sclerochronology to study these events. When I am not studying extinction you can also find me swimming, biking, and running triathlons or sampling the best ice cream that the greater San Jose area has to offer."


Ryan Portner

"I am a sedimentologist with broad interests in Ryan Portnervolcanology, basin evolution, petrology, tectonics and Earth history. My research integrates field mapping, stratigraphy, petrography, geochemistry, and geochronology to investigate the sedimentary and tectono-magmatic evolution of the Earth. A specific research objective of mine is to better understand eruption dynamics, volcaniclast fragmentation and dispersal processes associated with submarine volcanism. To do this my research team combines field studies of modern and ancient deposits exposed on the seafloor and on land with laboratory based analytical approaches."