Manny Gabet


Manny Gabet

Professor, Geomorphology

Graduate Advisor

Phone: 408 924-5035 
Office: DH 223 
Office Hours (Spring 2017): T 10:00 -11:00 AM or by appointment

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  • Ph.D. 2002, University of California- Santa Barbara

Research Interests

  • Professional interests are in sediment transport processes and landscape evolution. Projects include investigating landslides and debris flows in the Himalayas and California; examining the role of fire and vegetation in modulating erosion rates; derived sediment transport equations for different bioturbation processes; developed a computer model to predict the effects of global warming on hillslope erosion. Other interests focus on how geomorphic parameters (eg, topography) influence chemical weathering rates through their control on hydrological processes. Dr. Gabet has also investigated how river channels process large pulses of sediment via field and experimental work.

Recent Classes

  • Geology of California (GEOL 006)
  • Geomorphology (GEOL 134)
  • Advanced Geomorphology (GEOL 234)
  • Mathematical Geology (GEOL 255)
  • The Role of Hydrology in Geomorphological Processes (GEOL 285)

Recent Activity (2011-2016)


Published Papers

      • Burbank, D.W., Bookhagen, B., Gabet, E.J., and Putkonen, J., 2012, Modern climate and erosion in the Himalayas: Comptes Rendues Geosciences, v. 344, p. 610-626.
      • Constantine, J., Schelhaas M., Gabet, E.J., and Mudd S.M., 2012, Limits of windthrow-driven hillslope sediment flux due to varying storm frequency and intensity: Geomorphology, v. 175/176, p. 66-73.
      • Mudd, S.M., Yoo, K., and Gabet, E.J., 2012, Influence of chemical weathering on hillslope forms, in R. Marston and M. Stoffel (eds), Treatise on Geomorphology: Amsterdam, Elsevier.
      • Gabet, E.J., and Mendoza, M., 2012, Particle transport over rough hillslope surfaces by dry ravel: Experiments and simulations with implications for nonlocal sediment flux: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 117, doi:10.1029/2011JF002229.
      • Riley, K. L., Bendick, R., Hyde, K.D., and Gabet, E.J., 2013, Frequency-magnitude distribution of debris flows compiled from global data, and comparison with post-fire debris flows in the western U.S.: Geomorphology, v. 191, p. 118-128.
      • Gabet, E.J., Mudd, S.M., Milodowski, D.T., Yoo, K., Hurst, M.D., and Dosseto, A., 2015, Local topography and erosion rate control regolith thickness along a ridgeline in the Sierra Nevada, California. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v. 40, p. 1779-1790.

      • Short, L.* and Gabet, E.J., 2015, The role of large woody debris in modulating the dispersal of a post-fire sediment pulse: Geomorphology v. 246, p. 351-358.

      • Burns, K.* and Gabet, E.J., 2015, The effective viscosity of slurries laden with vegetative ash: Catena v. 135, p. 182-192.

      • Gabet, E.J., Burnham, J.L.H., Perron, J.T., 2016, Critiques of the seismic hypothesis and the vegetation stabilization hypothesis for the formation of Mima mounds along the western coast of the U.S.: Geomorphology v. 269, p. 40-42.

Published Abstracts

      • Gabet, E.J., Mudd, S.M., Yoo, K., Hurst, M.D., and Dossetto, A., 2012, Topographic and erosional controls on soil thickness and texture along a ridge in a transient landscape: Abstract EP41D-0827, American Geophysical Union Meeting.
      • Yoo, K., Weinman, B.A., Mudd, S.M., Hurst, M.D., GabetE.J., Singhvi, A.K., and Maher, K., 2012, Soil mixing coupled to soil production and transport on hillslopes: Responses to channel incision, Feather River, California: Abstract EP41D-8026, American Geophysical Union Meeting.
      • Riley, K.L., Bendick, R., Hyde, K., and Gabet, E.J., 2013, Frequency-magnitude distribution of non-fire-related and post-fire debris flows in the Western U.S.: First steps toward global risk prediction. AGU Chapman Conference.
      • Gabet E.J., Perron J.T., and Johnson, D.L., 2013, Biotic origin for Mima mounds supported by numerical model: AGU Fall Meeting EP41D-8027.
      • Short, L., and Gabet, E.J., 2013, The relationship between large woody debris and a decrease of median bed material size in a gravel bed channel after post-fire debris flows: GSA Cordilleran Section Meeting, v. 45, no. 6.

Technical Presentations

      • Gabet, E.J., 2012, UC Davis; If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a soil?

Reviewing and Editorial Service

      • Gabet, E.J., Associate Editor for Journal of Geophysical Research (handled 7 manuscripts)
      • Gabet, E.J., Journal reviewer (10 total) for:
        • Geology
        • Nature
      • Gabet, E.J., Reviewed 2 proposals for NSF and reviewed 2 proposals for the Council for Earth and Life Sciences
      • Gabet, E.J., 2013, Served as Associate Editor for the Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface. Handled ~12 papers.
      • Geomorphology 

      • Soil Science

      • Terra Nova

      • Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

      • Journal of Geophysical Research

      • Soil Science Society of America