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Photo of Ryan and a Seal

I am a sedimentologist with broad interests in volcanology, basin evolution, petrology, tectonics and Earth history. My research integrates mapping (field/GIS), stratigraphy (litho/chemo/chrono/bio), petrography, geochemistry, and geochronology to investigate the sedimentary record and tectono-magmatic evolution of volcanically active regions.

In the traditional sense, I am a field geologist. To this end, I have recently dipped into our modern oceans using submersibles to sample, map and make key observations of the seafloor. A more specific objective of my research program is to better understand volcaniclast fragmentation and dispersal processes associated with subaqueous eruptions, and how they relate to environmental triggers and crustal evolution. To do this we combine field studies of the modern seafloor and ancient deposits exposed on land with laboratory based analyses.

Ultimately, this work approach supports scientific research by my students and colleagues who aim to understand the interactions between the solid-Earth, hydrosphere and biosphere, and how these interactions evolve through time.

Contact Information

Ryan Portner
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology
San Jose State University
223 Duncan Hall, Room 202
One Washington Square
San Jose, California 95192-0102
Phone: (408) 924-5009
Department Fax: (408) 924-5053
E-mail: ryan.portner@sjsu.edu