Informal Concentrations in Geology

Although formal graduate concentrations are not offered, two informal concentrations have been developed for Master's students as a guide: Tectonics, and Geomorphology.  For information on the recommended curriculum for these concentrations, see the sections below.

Tectonics  |  Geomorphology





Student Exploring Low-Angle FaultsProgram

Interests embraced by the faculty within the field of tectonics range from modern to Paleozoic plate interactions, to the development of cratonal basins far from plate margins. Data from many fields of Geology, including Geochemistry, Geophysics, Marine Geology, Paleontology, Petrology, Sedimentology, and Structural Geology, are being brought together in an attempt to understand tectonic processes and to unravel tectonic history, especially of regions around the Pacific Rim. The diversity of interests of the geologists involved and their field orientation are perhaps the program's most notable features.


Example Course Schedule

A Master's degree in Geology may be attained by submitting a successfully completed program of 30 well-chosen units to the Department of Geology at San José State University. A recommended program of courses at the graduate level includes:


Course Units
Sedimentary Basins 4
Structural Geology 4
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 4
Sedimentary Petrology 4
Seminar (on a topic in tectonics and/or geophysics) 2
Research 2
Thesis 4
Electives (chosen with advisor's approval) 6





Trees on hillslopeThe following courses are strongly recommended to give the student adequate preparation for a career in geomorphology.




Background Courses (To be Completed at the Beginning of Study):

  • TBA


  • TBA

Electives (Selection to be Based Upon the Area of Special Interest to Student):

  • Hazardous Materials - Geol 174
  • Geochemistry - Geol 135
  • Partial Differential Equations - Math 133B
  • Engineering Hydrology - CE 152
  • Groundwater, Seepage, and Drainage Control - CE 241
  • Water Resources Engineering - CE 250
  • Advanced Hydrology - CE 252
  • Water Quality - CE 270
  • Industrial & Hazardous Waste Management & Treatment - CE274
  • Numerical Methods - ME 270
  • Finite Element Methods - ME 273