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  • 1980. Curtis, George. The Stratigraphy and Structure of Portions of the Bonanza King, and Schell Mountain Quadrangle, Trinity County, California. 132 p.
  • 1980. Fedewa, William. Stratigraphy and Phosphate Resources of the Murdock Mountain Area, Elko County, Nevada. 98 p.
  • 1980. Hedel, Charles. Late Quaternary Faulting in Western Surprise Valley, Modoc County, California. 142 p.
  • 1980. Moore, David. An Evaluation of the Use of Primary Sedimentary Fabrics for the Determination of Strain in Metaconglomerates. 115 p.
  • 1980. Wilbur, Curtis. The Nature and Origin of Quaternary Basaltic Volcanism in the Central Mojave Desert Area, California. 133 p.
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  • 1981. Hovland, David. Geology of the Northwest Part of the Lower Valley Quadrangle Caribou county, Idaho. 108 p.
  • 1981. Martindale, Steven. Stratigraphy and Structural Geology of the Southern Part of the Leach Range, Elko County, Nevada. 117 p.
  • 1981. Moore, Steven. Geology of a Part of the Southern Monte Cristo Range, Esmeralda County, Nevada. 157 p.
  • 1981. Ostendorf, Paul. Geology of the Highland Lakes Area Alpine County, California. 89 p.
  • 1981. Ponce, David. Gravity Investigations at the Proposed Wahmonie Nuclear Waste Storage Site, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada. 76 p.
  • 1981. Vanderhurst, William. The Santa Clara Formation and Orogenesis of Monte Bello Ridge, Northwest Santa Clara County, California. 114 p.
  • 1981. Winsor, Henry. The Paleogeography and Paleoenvironments of the Middle Pennsylvanian Part of the Wood River Formation in South-Central Idaho. 81 p.
  • 1981. Witham, Roger. Geology & Sope Movement Hazards of the Livermore Ranch area, Lake & Napa countries, California. 184 p.
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  • 1982. Allaway, William. Sedimentology and Petrography of the Shelikof Formation, Alaska Peninsula. 81 p.
  • 1982. Braun, Don. The Stratigraphy of the Niland Tongue of the Wasatch Formation in the Western Washakie Basin, Southwestern Wyoming. 124 p.
  • 1982. Egbert, Robert. Sedimentology and Petrography of the Middle and Upper Jurassic Rocks in the Tuxedni Bay Area, Cook Inlet Alaska. 128 p.
  • 1982. Hardin, Jack. A comparative study of porosity estimations derived from geophysical and petrographic analyses. 91 p.
  • 1982. Johannesen, Dann. The geology and petrography of the Alum Creek Area, Mineral County, Nevada. 92 p.
  • 1982. McCoy, Gail. Analysis of fractures and speleogenesis at Lilburn Cave, Tulare County, California. 83 p.
  • 1982. McCusker, Robert. Geology of the Soledad Mountain volcanic complex, Mojave Desert, California. 113 p.
  • 1982. Roberts, Eve. Geology of the southern part of the Wayan West Quadrangle, Caribou County, Idaho. 117 p.
  • 1982. Sklenar, Scott. Genesis of an Eocene Lake System within the Washakie Basin of Southwestern Wyoming. 89 p.
  • 1982. Teas, Nancy Greene. Observations of currents off Manzanillo, Mexico, estimated using potential vorticity and density. 40 p.
  • 1982. Villalobos, Hector. Engineering geology reconnaissance of five damsites and reservoir study areas, Similkameen River, Okanogan County, Washington. 136 p.
  • 1982. Wolfe, Mitchell. The Relationship between forest management and landsliding in the Klamath Mountains of Northwestern California. 73 p.
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  • 1983. Anderson, Peter. Geology of the Quien Sabe Valley 7 1/2 Minute quadrangle San Benito County, California. 89 p.
  • 1983. Clynne, Michael. Stratigraphy and Major Element Geochemistry of the Lassen Volcanic Center, California. 168 p.
  • 1983. Coyle, John. Bedrock and surficial geology of the San Jose - Milpitas foothills area, Santa Clara County, California. 234 p.
  • 1983. Diggles, Michael. Geologic and Mineral-resource Evaluation of the White Mountains, California and Nevada. 120 p.
  • 1983. Doukas, Michael. Volcanic Geology of Big Chico Creek Area, Butte County, California. 157 p.
  • 1983. Drinkwater, James. Geology of the Northeastern Part of the Quien Sabe Volcanics Merced County, California. 102 p.
  • 1983. Golia, Ralph. Depositional environments and paleogeography of the Upper Miocene Wassuk Group, Lyon and Mineral Counties,West-central Nevada. 105 p.
  • 1983. Guffanti, Mariane. Temperature gradients in the conterminous United States. 139 p.
  • 1983. Howe, Robert. Geology of the Mokelumne Peak area. 113 p.
  • 1983. Humphreys, Richard. The characterization of the sulfide component in layered igneous and metasedimentary rocks in the Mouat Block of the Stillwater Complex. 135 p.
  • 1983. Kaplan, Terry. The Lassic Outlier: an Outlier of Coast Range Ophiolite. 96 p.
  • 1983. Lico, Michael. Lower Permian submarine sediment gravity flows in the Owens Valley Formation, southeastern California. 80 p.
  • 1983. Magginetti, Robert. Fusulinid biostratigraphy of the Darwin Canyon and Conglomerate Mesa Areas, Inyo County, California. 416 p.
        *COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Best Student Researcher 1983/84 - First Place*
  • 1983. Nagel, David. Evolution of the Ascension Submarine Canyon: Central California continental margin. 88 p.
  • 1983. Oberlindacher, Hans. Geology of the southern part of the Wooley Range Caribou County, Idaho. 110 p.
  • 1983. Orlando, Robert. Sedimentology and bedform Morphology in Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska. 75 p.
  • 1983. Orris, Greta. A quantitative investigation of landslides in a portion of the Santa Clara formation, Santa Clara County, California (1979). 80 p.
  • 1983. Schwartz, David. Geologic history of Elkhorn Slough, Monterey County, California. 102 p.
  • 1983. Springer, James. Structural analysis of the Southeastern Livermore Basin, California. 178 p.
  • 1983. Trimble, Deborah. The application of uranium-thorium systematics to rocks from the Lassen Dome field. 94 p.
  • 1983. Williams, Kathleen. The Mount Diablo Ophiolite, Contra Costa County, California. 156 p.
  • 1983. Williams, Ronald. Turbidity and Sedimentation: Tanajib/Manifa coastal waters Northwestern Arabian Gulf. 136 p.
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  • 1984. Chin, John. Late Quaternary coastal sedimentation and depositional history, south-central Monterey Bay, California. 130 p.
  • 1984. Flora, Larry. Origin and distribution of sediment in the Pennsylvanian- Permian Keeler Canyon formation, Inyo County, California. 151 p.
  • 1984. Fraticelli, Luis. Geology of portions of the Project City and Bella Vista quadrangles, Shasta County, California. 110 p.
  • 1984. Garlow, Richard. The stratigraphy, petrology and paleogeographic setting of the middle Pennsylvanian Tihvipah limestone of southeastern California. 134 p.
  • 1984. Harding, Michael. A geophysical investigation of a portion of Santa Theresa County Park, Santa Clara County, California. 70 p.
  • 1984. Klise, David. Modern sedimentation on the California continental margin adjacent to the Russian River. 120 p.
  • 1984. Torresan, Michael. Fabric and its relation to sedimentological and geotechnical properties of near-surface sediment in Shelikof Strait, Alaska. 220 p.
  • 1984. Van Buren, Harold. Seismic stratigraphy of a modern carbonate slope: Northern Little Bahama Bank. 115 p.
  • 1984. Vercoutere, Thomas. Sedimentation across the oxygen minimum zone on the continental slope offshore central California. 129 p.
  • 1984. Ward, William. The America Mine landslide Almaden Quicksilver Park, Santa Clara County, California. 94 p.
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  • 1985. Borum, Jeffrey. Mass-wasting, geomorphology, and geology headwaters of the south fork of the Trinity river in northern California. 119 p.
  • 1985. Chinburg, Susan. Sediment dynamics in Monterey Canyon, central California. 89 p.
  • 1985. Christie, Kyle. The geology of the Sunol regional wilderness. 112 p.
  • 1985. Eberz, Noel. Geology of the Badger Flat limestone (Middle Ordovician) southeastern California. 91 p.
  • 1985. Gartner, Anne. Geometry and emplacement history of a basaltic intrusive complex, San Rafael Swell and Capitol Reef areas, Utah. 149 p.
  • 1985. Helm, Ronnie. Depositional history and petrology of the Fort Union formation (Paleocene) southern flank of the Rock Springs uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming. 145 p.
  • 1985. Luken, Michael. Petrography and origin of limestones in the WPZ and TR belt, Klamath mountains, California. 130 p.  
        *COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Best Student Researcher 1985/86 - Second Place*
  • 1985. Nelson, James. Geotechnical and geologic properties of the Santa Clara formation claystone, Saratoga foothills, Santa Clara County, California. 120 p.
  • 1985. Rasch, Richard. Phosphorites along the central California continental margin. 101 p.
  • 1985. Rycerski, Barbara. Wolfcampian Colonial Rugose Corals From the Stikine Terrane, North-Central British Columbia. 138 p.
  • 1985. Tomson, Janice. Early-Middle Pleitocene Paleoceanography of the southwest Atlantic sector of the southern ocean. 44 p.
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  • 1986. Elliott, Geoffrey. Early-Proterozoic High-Grade Metamorphic Rocks of Willow Wash, New York Mountains, Southeastern California. 110 p.
  • 1986. Hoose, Seena. Was There a Great Pleistocene Lake San Benito? 87 p.
  • 1986. Kempema, Edward. Flume studies and field observations of the interaction of frazil ice and anchor ice with sand-sized sediment. 86 p.
  • 1986. Klaus, Adam. Deep-sea sedimentary processes in the Argentine Basin revealed by 3.5 kHz Echograms. 51 p.
  • 1986. Lawson, William. Geology and Structure of the Covington Mill 7.5-min quadrangle, Trinity County, California. 96 p.
  • 1986. Liniecki, Margaret. Late Miocene Paleoenvironments of the Lowere Mulholland Formation, West-Central California. 88 p.
  • 1986. Nedell, Susan. Sedimentary Geology of the Valles Marineris, Mars and Antarctic Dry Valley Lakes. 150 p.
        *COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Best Student Researcher 1984/85 - First Place*
  • 1986. Parson, David. Geology and Geologic Hazards of Sugarloaf Ridge Park, Sonoma Co., California. 89 p.
  • 1986. Powell II, Charles. Stratigraphy and Bivalve Molluscan Paleontology of the Neogene Imperial Formation in Riverside County, California. 324 p.
  • 1986. Rearic, Douglas. Temporal and Spatial Character of Newly-formed Ice Gouges in Eastern Harrison Bay, Alaska, 1977-1978. 80 p.
  • 1986. Young, Douglas. Hydrogeology of the northern portion of the west firing area Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300. 270 p.
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  • 1987. Bader, Jeffrey. Surface and Subsurface Structural Relations of the Cherokee Ridge Arch, South-central Wyoming. 68 p.
  • 1987. Bottaro, Joseph. Geology of the Middle Buttes Volcanic Complex Mojave District, Kern County, California. 94 p.
  • 1987. DiLeonardo, Christopher. Structural Evolution of the Smith Canyon Fault, Northeastern Cascades, Washington. 85 p.
  • 1987. Glick, Linda. Structural Geology of the Northern Toano Range, Elko County, Nevada. 141 p.
  • 1987. Heath, Kathryn. Distribution and Sedimentology of Periplatform Sediment on a Modern Open-Ocean Carbonate Slope: Northern Little Bahama Bank. 82 p.
  • 1987. Hopkins, Willard. Geology of the Newby Group and Adjacent Units in the Southern Methow Trough, Washington. 85 p.
  • 1987. Klingman, Darrell. Depositional Environments and Paleogeographic setting of the Middle Mississippian Section in Eastern California. 231 p.
        *OUTSTANDING UNIVERSITY THESIS AWARD 1987/1988 - First Place*
  • 1987. Leitner, Kam. Development of a Computerized Geologic Structural Modeling System. 196 p.
  • 1987. Perkins, James. Provenance of the Upper Miocene and pliocene Etchegoin Formation: Implications for Paleogeography of the Late Miocene of Central California. 121 p.
  • 1987. Powell, John. Hydrogeologic Investigation of the Fort Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation, Monterey County, California. 75 p.
  • 1987. Stotz, Tina. Permeability of Peat to Selected Toxic Leachates. 138 p.
  • 1987. Treat, Cheryl. Metamorphic and Structural History of Hicks Butte Inlier-Washington Cascades. 93 p.
  • 1987. Woodward, Philip. Regional Evaluation of Formation Fluid Salinity by Spontaneous Potential Log, Ivishak Sandstone, (Triassic), North Slope, Alaska. 71 p.
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  • 1988. Barlock, Vincent. Sedimentology of the Livermore Gravels (Miocene-Pleistocene), Southern Livermore Valley, California. 110 p.
  • 1988. Belasky, Paul. Stratigraphy and Paleographic Setting of the Mississippian Monte Cristo Group in the Spring Moutains, Nevada. 152 p.
  • 1988. Bork, Kenneth. Post Miocene History of Antarctic Bottom Water Paleospeed and Polar Front Zone Migrations in the Argentine Basin. 96 p.
  • 1988. Connelly, Steven. The Strawberry Creek and Pyramid Guard Station landslides. 105 p.
  • 1988. Deschenes, Michael. A Magnetic & Pseudogravity Invest of the Cobar Area, New South Wales, Australia. 49 p.
  • 1988. Falls, James. The Development of a Liquefaction Hazard Map for the City of San Jose, California. 188 p.
        *COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Best Student Researcher 1988/89 - First Place*
  • 1988. Grasty, James. A Gravity and Magnetic Study, Armstrong Ranch Area, Monterey County, CA. 87 p.
  • 1988. Hogan, Patrick. Modeling of Freshwater-seawater Interaction on Enjebi Island, Enewetak Atoll. 141 p.
  • 1988. Hughes, William. Recent Sediment Accumulation Rates on the Monterey Fan, Central California. 63 p.
  • 1988. Maslonkowski, Dennis. Hydrogeology of the Bay Plain Groundwater Basin, Alameda County. 143 p.
  • 1988. McLaughlin, Philip. Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments, Imperial County, CA. 103 p.
  • 1988. Phillips, Steven. Calibration of a Texture-Based Simulation of the Ground-Water Flow System in the Western San Joaquin Valley, California. 141 p.
  • 1988. Raviola, Frank. Metamorphism, Plutonism and Deformation, Pateros-Alta Lake region, north-central Washington. 182 p.
        *OUTSTANDING UNIVERSITY THESIS AWARD 1988/1989 - Second Place*
  • 1988. Turnau, Rene. Deep Circulation Changes in the South Atlantic Ocean: Response to Initiation of Northern Hemispheric Glaciation. 66 p.
  • 1988. Vander Meulen, Dean. Intracaldera Tuffs and Central Vent Intrusion of the Mahogany Mountain Cladera, Eastern Oregon. 88 p.
  • 1988. Wade, Michael. Geology of the Northern part of the Cooper Mountain Batholith, North Cascades, Washington. 88 p.
  • 1988. Wray, Michael. Sedimentation and Tectonics of the Main Body of the Wasatch Formation in the Red Creek Basin, Sweetwater County, Southwestern Wyoming. 104 p.
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