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  • 1975. Davis, Alice. Artificial Meteor Ablation Studies: Iron and Nickel-Iron. 67 p.
  • 1979. DeCoster, Judith. Landslide Deposits, their Slope, Exposure, and Degree of Slope in the Area of Mt. Hamilton, California. 43 p.
  • 1988. Deschenes, Michael. A Magnetic & Pseudogravity Invest of the Cobar Area, New South Wales, Australia. 49 p.
  • 1983. Diggles, Michael. Geologic and Mineral-resource Evaluation of the White Mountains, California and Nevada. 120 p.
  • 1987. DiLeonardo, Christopher. Structural Evolution of the Smith Canyon Fault, Northeastern Cascades, Washington. 85 p.
  • 1972. Dittmer, Eric. A Sediment Budget Analysis of Monterey Bay. 132 p.
  • 1978. Dockter, Roger. Stratigraphy and Fusulinid Paleontology of Permian Exposures in the Diamond Spring Quadrangle, Nevada. 128 p.
  • 2009. Doran, Brigid A. Structure of the Swauk Formation and Teanaway Dike Swarm, Washington Cascades. 97 p.
  • 2004. Dornfest, Robin. Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Paleozoic Rocks, Inyo Mountains, California. 95p.
  • 1983. Doukas, Michael. Volcanic Geology of Big Chico Creek Area, Butte County, California. 157 p.
  • 1983. Drinkwater, James. Geology of the Northeastern Part of the Quien Sabe Volcanics Merced County, California. 102 p.
  • 1994. Dugan, William. The Hydrogeology of Doall Ravine and Northern Portions of Elk Ravine Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300. 43 p.
  • 1970. Dunne, George. Petrology of a Portion of the Pat Keyes Pluton, Inyo County, California. 73 p.
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  • 1988. Falls, James. The Development of a Liquefaction Hazard Map for the City of San Jose, California. 188 p.
        *COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Best Student Researcher 1988/89 - First Place*
  • 1980. Fedewa, William. Stratigraphy and Phosphate Resources of the Murdock Mountain Area, Elko County, Nevada. 98 p.
  • 1984. Flora, Larry. Origin and distribution of sediment in the Pennsylvanian- Permian Keeler Canyon formation, Inyo County, California. 151 p.
  • 1974. Frame, Philip. Landslides in the Mt. Sizer Area, Santa Clara County, California. 87 p.
  • 1984. Fraticelli, Luis. Geology of portions of the Project City and Bella Vista quadrangles, Shasta County, California. 110 p.
  • 2001. Frey, Carolyn. Geomorphic Study of Searsville Lake Watershed, Portola Valley, California. 125 p.
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  • 1985. Garlow, Richard. The stratigraphy, petrology and paleogeographic setting of the middle Pennsylvanian Tihvipah limestone of southeastern California. 134 p.
  • 1985. Gartner, Anne. Geometry and emplacement history of a basaltic intrusive complex, San Rafael Swell and Capitol Reef areas, Utah. 149 p.
  • 1987. Glick, Linda. Structural Geology of the Northern Toano Range, Elko County, Nevada. 141 p.
  • 1983. Golia, Ralph. Depositional environments and paleogeography of the Upper Miocene Wassuk Group, Lyon and Mineral Counties, West-central Nevada. 105 p.
  • 1966. Gram, Ralph. The Marine Geology of the Recent Sediments of San Francisco Bay. 132 p.
  • 1988. Grasty, James. A Gravity and Magnetic Study, Armstrong Ranch Area, Monterey County, CA. 87 p.
  • 1970. Greene, Gary. Morphology, Sedimentation and Seismic Characteristics of an Arctic Beach, Nome, Alaska and with Economic Significances. 139 p.
  • 1983. Guffanti, Mariane. Temperature gradients in the conterminous United States. 139 p.
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  • 1983. Nagel, David. Evolution of the Ascension Submarine Canyon: Central California continental margin. 88 p.
  • 1977. Nakata, John. Distribution and Petrology of the Anderson-Coyote Reservoir Volcanic Rocks. 105 p.
  • 1986. Nedell, Susan. Sedimentary Geology of the Valles Marineris, Mars and Antarctic Dry Valley Lakes. 150 p.
        *COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Best Student Researcher 1984/85 - First Place*
  • 1985. Nelson, James. Geotechnical and geologic properties of the Santa Clara formation claystone, Saratoga foothills, Santa Clara County, California. 120 p.
  • 1998. Nguyen, Tuan A. Offshore Taiwan Accretionary Prism: New Insights from Reprocessed Multichannel Seismic Data. 53 p.
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  • 1982. Vanderhurst, William. The Santa Clara Formation and Orogenesis of Monte Bello Ridge, Northwest Santa Clara County, California. 114 p.
  • 1988. Vander Meulen, Harold. Intracaldera Tuffs and Central Vent Intrusion of the Mahogany Mountain Caldera, Eastern Oregon. 88 p.
  • 1984. Vercoutere, Thomas. Sedimentation across the oxygen minimum zone on the continental slope offshore central California. 129 p.
  • 1982. Villalobos, Hector. Engineering geology reconnaissance of five damsites and reservoir study areas, Similkameen River, Okanogan County, Washington. 136 p.
  • 1997. Vorst, Richard C. Adsorption of Trichlorethylene onto Mineral Surfaces. 158. p.
        **WESTERN ASSOCIATION OF GRADUATE SCHOOLS; Outstanding Master’s Thesis**
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  • 1986. Young, Douglas. Hydrogeology of the northern portion of the west firing area Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300. 270 p.
  • 1979. Younse, Gary. The Stratigraphy and Phosphoritic Rocks of the Robinson Canyon, Laureles Grande Area. 127 p.
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  • 1979. Ziemianski, Wayne. Clay Mineral Changes Associated with Intensification of Glaciation in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea. 44 p.
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