A.S. Elections Candidates, Initiatives and Referenda

2015 Voter Information

Candidacy is subject to change based off of decisions of the Students' Elections Commission or by request of the candidates at any time. Please check this site for the latest list and updates. 


Candidate Listing:


LooLoo Amante

Jonathan Macias

Adi Mairal

Bekki Jasmin Zarco 

Vice President

Joshua Romero 


Bryce Lewis

Emmanuel Crisostomo

Matthew Diwata

Sam Smith 

Director of Business Affairs

Galina Owens

Eric Rudawski

Director of Communications

Brandon Do 

Director of Community and Sustainability Affairs

Thomas Osella

Luis Cervantes Rodriguez 

Director of External Affairs

Zhane Gay

Sam Cota 

Director of Extracurricular Affairs

Aaron Friedman 

Director of Faculty Affairs

Joyce Lum

Grecia Cuellar 

Director of Intercultural Affairs

Liberty Tang

Abid El-Miaari

Veronica Carrillo 

Director of Programming Affairs

Malika Kaur

Marco Buelna

Director of Student Resource Affairs

Ismail Abukhdeir 

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Jaskirat Singh

Lemar Karimi

Erik Medrano 

Director of University Advising Affairs

Nadim Sarras 

Director of Internal Affairs

Abid El-Miaari 

Vacant Positions

* Director of Student Fee Affairs

* positions will be filled by appointment after the elections cycle. Applications for these positions will be available in April, following regular elections.