A.S. Elections Candidates, Initiatives and Referenda

2016 Voter Information

Candidacy is subject to change based off of decisions of the Students' Elections Commission or by request of the candidates at any time. Please check this site for the latest list and updates. 

2016 Voter Information Guide - Will be posted in early April


Candidate Listing:

Joshua Leon
Hector Perea
Alora Frederick
Jared Garcia
Erik Mateo

Vice President
Joyce Lum
Walter Ifeanyi
Joshua Romero

Galina Owens
Bryan Dingus
Adi Mairal

Director of Business Affairs
Cristina Cortes

Director of Communications
Sriram Atluri
Odalys Jasmine Garcia
Lloyd Alaban
Daniel Rafael

Director of Community and Sustainability Affairs
Luis Cervantes Rodriguez

Director of Co-curricular Affairs
Jacob Baker
Mohammad Haider
Lisa My Nguyen
Joseph Sandoval-Rios

Director of External Affairs
Jimy Ry
Ethan Perreira
Juritzi Torres-Mendoza

Director of Faculty Affairs
Sameer Saran
Mahdis Bidokhti
Dvir Maltzman
Skylar Caesar

Director of Intercultural Affairs
Ernest Wu
Ariana Castro
Areeb Yaqub
Akshay Gupta
Brianna Leon
Liberty Tang

Director of Internal Affairs
Thi Tran
Eric Medrano

Director of Programming Affairs
Marco Buelna
Ijaaz Omer

Director of Student Resource Affairs
Jack Spica

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Chelby Gill
Abitha Thiru
Carmen Medina
Jana Kadah
Efrain Castillo
Jordan Taxon
Jose Ramirez

Director of University Advising Affairs
Silva Bou Mjahed
Paulo Santos
Natalya Balal

Director of Student Fee Affairs
Luke Kushner
Severiano Mercado
Jeff Stanley

*Any vacant positions will be appointed after the election.