A.S. Elections Candidates, Initiatives and Referenda

Candidate Listing:



Gary Daniels
Mykel Jeffrey
Peter Joseph Lee
Andrew (AJ) McDonald

Vice President

Aaron Miller
Cole Niblett


Efrain Castillo
Niño Emmanual Crisostomo
Brandon Marquez

Director of Business Affairs

Nathan Gottheil
Galina Owens
Michael Paul Ly

Director of Communications

Brandon Do
Mayur Madhusoodan
Monica Orozco
Jessica Puentes

Director of Environmental Affairs

Jennifer Davis
Christian Timbol
Briana Tucker

Director of External Affairs

LooLoo Amante
Nick Carrillo
Ashlei McPherson

Director of Extracurricular Affairs

Bowen Chan
Victoria Melgoza
Tiffany Wang

Director of Faculty Affairs

No Candidates*

Director of Intercultural Affairs

Aditya Mairal
Akash Mangalore
Miriam Mosqueda
Divesh Tejnani

Director of Internal Affairs

No Candidates*

Director of Programming Affairs

No Candidates*

Director of Student Fee Affairs

Chetan Burande
Jennifer Conners
Michael Kakoliris

Director of Student Resource Affairs

Surbhi Vijaywargia
Matthew Zupko

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Victor Hernandez 

Director of University Advising Affairs

Annie Blaylock
Arina Izadi

* positions will be filled by appointment after the elections cycle. Applications for these positions will be available in April, following regular elections.

2014 Voter Information

Candidacy is subject to change based off of decisions of the Students' Elections Commission or by request of the candidates at any time. Please check this site for the latest list and updates. 


Spring 2014 Ballot Initiative


CSSA Statewide Student Body Organization Voluntary Student Representation Fee


The California State Student Association (CSSA), the recognized statewide student organization for CSU students, seeks a long-term, direct funding model that will ensure all CSU Students are represented before the California Legislature and in Congress, as well as the CSU Board of Trustees.

This Item presents the proposed policy to establish, in consultation with the California State Student Association (CSSA), a voluntary system-wide student fee of two dollars ($2). The Fee shall be assessed twice in an academic year ($4 total) and, unless waived by the individual student, shall be required of all regular, limited, and special session students attending the California State University. Students registering solely in extension courses will not be charged. 

This will clear up approximately $20,000 from the Associated Students Budget. 

Pro Statement:

This new fee will be paid to the California State Student Association (CSSA), an organization that currently represents all of us CSU students in Sacramento. Higher education has been going through a lot of adjusting due to the slashed funding from the state and federal government. This fee will increase the amount of representation that the Cal State University students will receive at the state a federal level. It will ensure that CSSA will have a full time lobbyist in Sacramento and explore the possibility of having a lobbyist in Washington D.C. This fee could also increase student participation in lobbying events like Capitol Hill Day in Washington D.C. and California higher Education Student Summit (C.H.E.S.S.) in Sacramento. 

Con Statement:

A statement was not submitted by the required deadline.