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Suspended (Charter Withdrawn by National Leadership) - until further notice

Kappa Sigma Fraternity tradition holds that it evolved from an ancient order said to have been founded at the University of Bologna in theMiddle AgesAccording to some accounts, the order was known as "Kirjath Sepher" and was founded between 1395 and 1400. According to this story, the corrupt governor of the city, one-time pirate and later papal usurper Baldassare Cossa, took advantage of the students at Bologna, one of Europe's preeminent universities which attracted students from all over the continent, by sending his men to assault and rob them; this motivated one of the university's scholars Manuel Chrysoloras to found a secret society of students beginning with five of his most devoted disciples, for mutual protection against Baldassare Cossa.

On December 10, 1869, five students at the University of Virginia met in 46 East Lawn and founded the Kappa Sigma Fraternity in America. William Grigsby McCormick, George Miles Arnold, John Covert Boyd, Edmund Law Rogers Jr. and Frank Courtney Nicodemus established the fraternity based on the traditions and of the ancient order in Bologna. These five founders became collectively known as the "Five Friends and Brothers." In 1872, Kappa Sigma initiated Stephen Alonzo Jackson, who would go on to transform a struggling local fraternity into a strong international Brotherhood. The organization attributes much of its success to Jackson noting that, "Since his death in 1892, the success of the Order is the direct result of Jackson’s devotion 'to make Kappa Sigma the leading college fraternity of the world.'"

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity at SJSU has been devoted to our four core principles: scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. Members are focused on community service, participating in other fraternity and sorority philanthropies and scholastic excellence.


Gold Laurel Chapter


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Chapter Information

  • Designation: Theta Iota Chapter
  • President: Jordan Watts
  • Websites: Chapter and National
  • Active Members: 56
  • SJSU Founding: April 24, 1965
  • National Founding: December 10, 1869 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville VA
  • 2012 Service / Philanthropy: 1,225 hours of service, $1,400 raised for charity
  • Scholarship: Spring 2014-2.78, Fall 2013—2.75
  • Colors: Scarlet, White and Emerald Green
  • Flower: Lily of the Valley
  • Symbol: Star and Crescent
  • Motto: "Bononia Docet / Bologna Teaches"
  • Nickname: Kappa Sig
  • Famous Alumni: Jimmy Buffett (singer), former Senator Robert J. Dole (KS), Robert Redford (actor), Ted Turner (media mogul), Edward R. Murrow (broadcasting legend)
  • Annual Events: Beauty Bowl and Powderpuff Football Fundraiser (spring)

Awards and Recognition (2012–13)

  • Gold Laurel Chapter (2012 Standards of Excellence – 1880 points, 100%