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The Sigma Chi Fraternity is one of the oldest and most prestigious international fraternities in the world. Founded in 1855, Sigma Chi is based upon the core values of Friendship, Justice, and Learning, and these three concepts are promoted among a brotherhood possessing different temperaments, talents, and convictions. With over 300,000 brothers initiated across 240 undergraduate chapters within the United States and Canada, the Sigma Chi Fraternity provides a lifelong brotherhood for its members.

Sigma Chi has a storied history as a member of the Miami Triad — three collegiate fraternities (Beta Theta Pi (1839), Phi Delta Theta (1848) and Sigma Chi (1855)) founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

The Epsilon Theta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at SJSU on March 1, 1952, and has remained on campus since the initial founding date. The chapter currently possesses 50 active brothers, and has won numerous awards of recognition, including Most Outstanding Fraternity for 2009-10, Highest GPA and Most Spirited for 2009-10, Fraternity of the Year 2013-2014, and Best in Council (IFC) 2013-2014. Additionally, but perhaps most importantly, the Sigma Chi chapter at SJSU has earned the highly coveted Gold Level Peterson Significant Chapter Award for 2010-11, an honor that has only been bestowed on 6 of the over 240 chapters within the Fraternity, making Sigma Chi at SJSU one of the top Sigma Chi chapters in the United States.


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Chapter Information

  • Designation: Epsilon Theta Chapter
  • President: Joseph Howder
  • Websites: National
  • SJSU Founding: March 1, 1952
  • National Founding: June 28, 1855 at Miami University in Oxford OH (part of the Miami Triad)
  • Scholarship: Fall 2016 - 2.88, Spring 2016 - 3.03, Fall 2015 - 2.97
  • Colors: Blue and Old Gold
  • Flower: White Rose
  • Symbol: The White Cross
  • Motto: "In Hoc Signo Vinces / In This Sign You Shall Conquer"
  • Nickname: n/a
  • Famous Alumni: former President Grover Cleveland, Andy Rooney (former 60 Minutes anchor), Warren Beatty (actor), Woody Harrelson (actor), David Letterman (t.v. host), Brad Pitt (actor), John Wayne (actor)
  • Annual Events: Derby Days, Horizons, and Balfour Leadership Training Workshop

Awards and Recognition (2015–16)

  • Silver Laurel Chapter (2015 Standards of Excellence)