United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC)

2016 USFC Executives

About the United Sorority and Fraternity Council

The United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC) at San José State University was established in 2003, and is the coordinating body for the eighteen local, regional, or national, cultural interest fraternities and sororities. USFC has a total average membership (2012) of 268 men and women. Because the chapters are based on special interests, recruitment is based on the existence of each organization’s unique core values.

The recruitment process is decentralized, meaning that each chapter decides when they would like to welcome new members. While most groups recruit in fall and spring, not all groups do. You can meet our members throughout the campus, and each chapter generally has information tables during the first weeks of school, called recruitment or Rush Week. You can also look for the USFC table to find out information about all of our groups. Interested in more information? Email us at usfc.intake.sjsu@gmail.com

Annually, our council hosts Salsa Classic Sports Tournament with hundreds of chapter participants playing a competitive day of soccer, basketball, volleyball and football! Additionally, each semester USFC hosts Info Night where each of the organizations perform their steps, strolls, or salutes! 

Also, check us out on Twitter at sjsu_usfc or on Facebook search for SJSU United Sorority and Fraternity Council USFC! 

USFC Crest

2016 Leadership:

President — Kimmy Mai (αΚΔΦ)

Vice President — Karina Jimenez (ΣΘΨ)

Secretary — Allison Nguyen (ΣΟΠ)

Treasurer — Ashley Williams (ΣΘΨ)

Director of Programming — Amy Zhao (aKΔΦ)

Director of Scholarship — Natalya Balal (ΑΚΟ)

Director of Public Relations — Crystal Lemus (ΣΑΖ)

Director of Intake Programs — Amy Zhao (aKΔΦ)


Fall 2015 - 2.63, Spring 2015 — 2.74, Fall 2014 — 2.75, Spring 2014 — 2.80, Fall 2013 — 2.80, Spring 2013 — 2.72, Fall 2012 — 2.79, Spring 2012 — 2.75, Fall 2011 — 2.70

Service and Philanthropy:

2014 — 3,520 service hours & $10,460 raised,
2013 — 5,010 service hours & $10,516 raised,
2012 — 3,904 service hours & $5,203 raised,
2011 — 5,332 service hours & $10,712 raised, 
2010 — 4,651 service hours & $17,754 raised

Current United Sorority and Fraternity Council (USFC)
Fraternities and Sororities

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