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About Alpha Kappa Omega

Alpha Kappa Omega fraternity is guided by the principles and lessons of the katipunan, sealed in the tenets of Strength, Loyalty, Pride, Wisdom and Courage. We accept nothing less than achieving leadership, academic excellence, cultural awareness and social responsibility. While others refer to themselves as a brotherhood, we refer to ourselves as a family. We are the first, the loyal and the elite.

The family of Alpha Kappa Omega, inspired by their success, wanted to continue and spread their legacy onto another campus. With Albert Austria, they brought this idea of Alpha Kappa Omega to his blood brother, Aris Austria, who at this time planned to attend San José State University as a freshman. With the chance to become a chapter founder of Alpha Kappa Omega, Beta Chapter, and spread the ideals of the Katipunan, Aris had to search for four other strong willed individuals to embark on the same journey with him.

On January 21, 2001, Ted Miranda, Marius Banatao, Jeffrey Amboy, and Aris Austria crossed into Alpha Kappa Omega. This accomplishment only fueled and motivated them to accomplish recognition on San José State's campus as a legitimate fraternity. The Four Horsemen, as they were called, moved quickly and established the Beta Chapter on April 4, 2001.

Bronze Laurel Chapter

Chapter Information

  • Designation: Beta Chapter
  • President: Gian Millare
  • Websites: Chapter and National
  • Type: Multicultural 
  • SJSU Founding: April 4, 2001
  • National Founding: March 31, 1997 at California State University, East Bay in Hayward CA
  • Scholarship: Fall 2016 - 2.98, Spring 2016 - 3.01, Fall 2015 - 2.92
  • Colors: Black, Royal Blue, and White
  • Symbol: Llanera's Skull
  • Nickname: AKO
  • Annual Events: Vision Showcase, Omega Drive, and Starving for the Starving

Awards and Recognition (2015-2016)

  • Silver Laurel Chapter (2015 Standards of Excellence)