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Pi Alpha Phi fraternity

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Suspended - Per National Headquarters

Disciplinary Probation — January 1, 2012–December 31, 2019 following return from suspension for hazing

In 1928, three enterprising members of the Class of 1930 conceived the idea to form a fraternity to serve the several hundred students of Chinese descent at the University of California, Berkeley. Wing C. Chan, from the Central California town of Oroville; Dong Wing Tom, from San Francisco; and Elmer Leong from Berkeley, did much of the preliminary work towards the formation of the Fraternity. In the Fall of 1928, the three approached Tim Jang, a freshman starting his first year at the university to join.

On February 1, 1929, the six Founding Fathers signed the fraternity's Constitution in both Chinese and English and officially established Pi Alpha Phi at the University of California, Berkeley. The Six Founders were: D. Wing Tom, Wing Chan, Elmer Leong, Chack Chan, Tim Jang, and George Lee.

Pi Alpha Phi is the oldest Asian-American interest fraternity in the United States, and since its founding has expanded with chapters at campuses throughout the nation.

Chapter Information

  • Designation: Delta Chapter
  • Contact: Dookie Lam
  • Websites: National
  • Active Members: 22
  • SJSU Founding: Fall 1991, return to campus Fall 2012
  • National Founding: February 1, 1929 at the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley CA
  • 2013 Service / Philanthropy: 16 hours of service
  • Scholarship: Spring 2014 - 2.71, Fall 2013—2.76
  • Colors: Blue and Gold
  • Flower: n/a
  • Symbol: Brotherhood Links
  • Motto: "A Tradition of Excellence Since 1929"
  • Nickname: PAPhi, Pineapples
  • Famous Alumni: Hans Cho (At Last band member, Finalist on 2006 America's Got Talent), Charles Yim (VP Retail Branch Operations, JP Morgan Chase & Co.), Dr. Timothy S. Gee (leading U.S. cancer researcher), and Hon. Delbert E. Wong (retired Superior Court Judge)