Sigma Delta Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

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About Sigma Delta Alpha

Sigma Delta Alpha, Fraternity Inc. is a latino-based fraternity established in the West Coast of the United States. Founded in 1992, the brothers of Sigma Delta Alpha continue to strive for excellence in supporting each other academically, socially, and personally. Brothers also ensure to reach out to serve and enrich the community with the latino culture and solidify the purpose of the fraternity.

In the Fall semester of 1991, several students at San José State University saw the need of an organization that would address the needs and issues pertaining to these students. Recognizing the existence of other organizations on campus and the inability of these organizations to fulfill these needs, future Founding Father, Francisco Huerta, brought forth the idea of creating a new organization to the table. As this new ideology began to evolve, Francisco took the forefront in organizing the initial meetings that set the ground work for the establishment of Sigma Delta Alpha.

Everyone knew from the first introductory meeting held in November 1991, to the day the organization was finally established, that there was a long road of hard work ahead for everyone involved. The odds for success were low and odds for survival were even lower. But what wasn't lacking was the commitment and desire to succeed. As their purposes were set and after several meetings and numerous successful events it was clear that it was time for these individuals to present themselves to the community as an established organization. On May 5, 1992, Sigma Delta Alpha was officially recognized, and the 18 Founding Fathers were to go down in history for making a vision into reality.

Since the birth of this organization, Sigma Delta Alpha has continued to strive to fulfill the goals envisioned by the original 18 Founding Fathers. Growing strongly at San José State University, it also continues to expand its values and ethics, and fulfill its purpose throughout prestigious universities and campuses. As it continues to grow in numbers, it grows in spirit, while new members are becoming the new carriers of the torch lit on May 5, 1992.

Laurel Chapter

Chapter Information

  • Designation: Founding Chapter
  • President: Carlos Cortez
  • Websites: National
  • Type: Latino Interest
  • SJSU Founding: May 5, 1992
  • National Founding: May 5, 1992 at San José State University in San José CA
  • Scholarship: Fall 2016 - 2.48, Spring 2016 - 2.46, Fall 2015 - 2.90
  • Colors: Forest Green, White, and Maroon
  • Flower: n/a
  • Symbol: n/a
  • Motto:"Excelencia Y Lealtad Entre Hermanos"
  • Nickname: n/a
  • Annual Events: La Parranda, Muerto Fest, Sigma Tours for K-12 Students, and Sigma Churros

Awards and Recognition (2015–16)

  • Gold Laurel Chapter (2015 Standards of Excellence)
  • Ricardo Magana - 2015 Greek Man of the Year 
  • 2015 Most Improved USFC Fraternity