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About Sigma Lambda Beta

In the early spring semester of 1986 at the University of Iowa, Baltazar Mendoza-Madrigal wanted to further expand the possibility of a latino based organization with multicultural membership. The purpose of creating such an organization came from the social and cultural dynamics at the time. Minorities on campus were under-represented and lacked interaction amongst each other. Thus, Mendoza along with seventeen other men began to explore the idea of establishing a Latino-based fraternity in order to unify all under represented minorities and to promote cultural understanding along with academic excellence.

The men met officially on March 7, 1986 with some of the latino students at the University of Iowa. On April 4, 1986 the members finalized the philosophy of the organization and the eighteen men who came to study in the US from Latin America, Africa and Asia became the Eighteen Founding Fathers of Sigma Lambda Beta. They were inducted as brothers at the University's Danforth Chapel. The Eighteen Founding Fathers established Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. with the principles of BROTHERHOOD, SCHOLARSHIP, CULTURAL AWARENESS, COMMUNITY SERVICE. These men would go into history as the founding fathers of this great organization.

Through the past twenty-five years, the Betas have spread the messages of positive change and cultural understanding by setting an example of pride and wisdom in our cultures. We have reached all regions of the United States and the Caribbean. There are still a lot of work that needs to be performed, but together we can make a positive difference in society and our community. As the the latin phrase in our Fraternity shield reads “CONGRESSI SUPERAMUS DIVISI CADIMUS” united we stand divided we fall.



Chapter Information

  • Designation: Lambda Alpha Chapter
  • President: Sebastian Correa
  • Websites: Chapter and National
  • Type: Multicultural Interest
  • SJSU Founding: August 25, 1996
  • National Founding: April 4, 1986 at the University of Iowa in Iowa City (IA)
  • Scholarship: Fall 2016 - 2.84, Spring 2016 - 2.57, Fall 2015 - 2.30
  • Colors: Royal Purple and Pure White
  • Flower: Red Carnation
  • Symbol: White Stallion Mustang
  • Motto: "Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture"
  • Nickname: Betas 
  • Annual Events: Victor Correa CPR Awareness Day