Sigma Theta Psi Multicultural Sorority

Sigma Theta Psi Chapter Photo 

About Sigma Theta Psi 

Sigma Theta Psi was the first established multicultural sorority at San José State University. Eighteen students established Sigma Theta Psi on November 13, 1991 and these women came to fill a void of multicultural awareness on their campus. They sought to create a sisterhood that would embrace and celebrate cultural diversity. In addition, they strove to promote not only diversity, but honesty, loyalty, and respect. Sigma Theta Psi is an academic and social organization, and the women in this organization recognize the endeavors of new and continuing students and are willing to assist others.

Silver Laurel Chapter

Chapter Information

  • Designation: Founding Chapter
  • President: Elsey Arreola
  • Websites: National
  • Type: Multicultural Interest
  • Active Members: 9
  • SJSU Founding: November 13, 1991
  • National Founding: November 13, 1991 at San José State University in San José CA
  • 2014 Service / Philanthropy: 135.5 hours of service, charity dollars not reported
  • Scholarship: Fall 2015 - 2.93, Spring 2015–2.75, Fall 2014–2.80
  • Colors: Purple, Black, and Gold
  • Flower: Orchid
  • Symbol: n/a
  • Motto: "Only the Strong Survive"
  • Nickname: STPs, Sigma Ladies
  • Annual Events: Breast Cancer Awareness Philanthropy

Awards and Recognition (2014–15)

  • Silver Laurel Chapter (2014 Standards of Excellence – 1656 points, 83%)