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The Men of Zeta Chi Epsilon are dedicated in preserving the traditions of the Fraternity and upholding the three main principles, which are unity, leadership, and brotherhood. Academics, community service, and social activities are a part of Zeta Chi Epsilon tradition. Although we are a social Fraternity, our responsibilities extend to the community. We promote social awareness with other organizations and other campuses. Our promotions of multi-cultural ideals enable us to look beyond the confines of skin color and into the heart and character of each individual.

ZXE came to San José State University in the Fall of 1995. John Caparas, Fiel Rino, Joseph Orais, Michael Garcia, Abe Blanco, Gene Paek, and Daniyel Garcia, under the guidance of Roderick Fernandez became the Charter class at San José State. As ZXE Gamma Chapter approaches its 17th year on campus, we continue to instill the same lessons that have helped to develop successful graduates. In order for ZXE to maintain its exceptional quality of unity, leadership and brotherhood, brothers actively participate in academic, social, and community related services. ZXE is committed to achieving these principles of unity, leadership and brotherhood in all its members, in order to produce honorable and respectable community members and leaders.

Laurel chapter

Chapter Information

  • Designation: Gamma Chapter
  • President: Brian Johnson
  • Websites: Chapter
  • Type: Multicultural Interest
  • SJSU Founding: December 3, 1995
  • National Founding: January 1, 1991 at San Francisco State University in San Francisco CA
  • Scholarship: Fall 2016 - 2.28, Spring 2016 - 2.60, Fall 2015 - 2.53
  • Colors: Black and Red
  • Flower: n/a
  • Symbol: Skull and Crossbones
  • Motto: "Unity, Leadership and Brotherhood"
  • Nickname: n/a


Awards & Recognition (2015-16)

  • Silver Laurel Chapter (2015 Standards of Excellence)