Greek Life Task Force


The Greek Life Task Force Report is the culmination of work by the Greek Life Task Force, appointed by former SJSU President Robert Caret in June 2003. The report was presented to President Joseph Crowley, the leadership of the Greek community, and the SJSU Academic Senate. The report was also presented to the University Neighborhood Coalition and San José City Council Member, Cindy Chavez.

The Task Force concluded that "the future success of the Greek system depends on a greater commitment from the University and higher expectations of the social Greek organizations." The report consists of seven recommendations which center on strengthening the fraternity and sorority system at SJSU and enhancing the fraternity and sorority experience.

The Greek Life Task Force Recommendations Are: 

  • Preserve and enhance the Greek system.

  • Establish a high profile Presidential Advisory Council, with representation from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community, to ensure that the Greek Life program has commitment, focus, and accountability, and that its unique role to campus life is enhanced.

  • Create a comprehensive relationship statement that defines the mutual expectations, responsibilities, and accountabilities between the Greek system and its chapters and the University. Recommend policies and procedures essential to carrying out the relationship statement. This would be the first task of the Greek Life Presidential Advisory Council

  • Restructure the current Greek governance model to make membership on recognized councils mandatory while ensuring consistency, continuity and accountability of leadership resulting in increased cooperation within the Greek system.

  • Conduct an audit/assessment of all Greek organizations around alcohol use, academics, hazing, and their community relations, activities through the establishment of an on-campus status committee. Only organizations which meet specified requirements would be granted continuing University recognition status.

  • Create a mandatory Greek leadership/education program that includes an annual Greek Leadership Summit and an intentional Community Building Program. Establish a budget to enable the successful development of these two initiatives as well as educational programs that promote scholarship, responsible membership, and good choices.

  • Hire a minimum of one additional full-time staff member, one graduate assistant, and two undergraduate interns to assist with Council advising, managing the governance logistics, developing the educational/leadership program, and overseeing the ongoing audit process for maintaining university recognition status.

Greek Life Task Force Executive Summary (PDF)

Greek Life Task Force Full Report (PDF)