Thinking About Joining One of Our Chapters?

Did You Know?

  • There are over 9 million fraternity and sorority members nationally
  • All but 2 Presidents since 1825 have been members of fraternities
  • 78% of members of the U.S. Congress have been members of fraternities and sororities
  • 63% of U.S. President's cabinet members since 1900 have been members of fraternities and sororities
  • Nearly half of US Supreme Court Justices have been members of fraternities and sororities
  • 85% of Fortune 500 Executives have been members of fraternities and sororities.

As you can see, by joining a fraternity or sorority, you will become a member of a prestigious group of individuals!

Information for Potential New Members

How to Join

When you decide to go Greek at San José State University, there are a few different opportunities for you join a fraternity or a sorority. Formal and Informal Recruitment is managed at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, depending on the governing council. For the most part, Panhellenic Council sororities only conduct formal recruitment in the Fall, but do recruit in the Spring, if House Totals are not met. Traditionally, National Pan-Hellenic and United Sorority and Fraternity Council fraternities and sororities recruit in the Spring, but a few of their affiliated organizations recruit in the Fall. Interfraternity Council fraternities recruits during both semesters. All recruitment periods are substance-free, meaning that no chapter (regardless of whether they are recruiting or not) may host or participate in a recruitment event where alcohol and other drugs are being used. Student-specific information about recruitment can be found through the governing council websites, or from this website just prior to the opening of both recruitment periods.


Statement on Unrecognized Organizations

Being part of a fraternity or sorority can be one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have while at college. Unfortunately, there are some groups that are not affiliated with the University that utilize the enticement of this experience to recruit student members. We strongly discourage students from attending events or affiliating with any group that is not officially recognized by SJSU. Before joining any club or organization, please check our Directory of Student Organizations to verify that the organization is officially recognized and operating within University parameters.

The following chapters have been SUSPENDED by San José State University or their national office for hazing, violence, or inappropriate chapter management practices, or have Cease and Desists issued against them, within the past few years and are not recognized:

Lambda Phi Epsilon (fraternity)

expelled for serious hazing, resulting in a death

Omega Psi Phi (fraternity)

inactive organization, not recognized at SJSU

Phi Gamma Delta (fraternity)

suspended for conduct violations

Phi Kappa Tau (fraternity)

underground group, never recognized, history of hazing practices
Cease and Desist Order issued by the CSU

Psi Chi Omega (fraternity)

underground group, never recognized, history of hazing practices

Sigma Gamma Rho (sorority)

suspended for serious hazing