Why Be Greek?

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Going Greek is more than parties, wearing letters, and attending meetings. Going Greek means making friendships that will last a lifetime. Going Greek means a commitment to the ideals of brotherhood/sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and service. Going Greek makes a large university like SJSU smaller. Fraternities and sororities are recognized student organizations, and many maintain off-campus housing facilities owned and operated by their own alumni associations.


Finding the right peer group at a large institution is imperative. Fraternities and sororities offer instant peer networks and a structured environment involving academics, social events, service activities, intramurals and alumni networking. In addition, Student Involvement supports the fraternity and sorority community with planning and executing Greek Week and celebrates the community’s accomplishments during the annual Greek Awards ceremony.


There are dozens of leadership positions available within each chapter, such as president, treasurer, house manager, or website chair. Fraternities and sororities are also involved on campus and members hold leadership positions in student government, school councils, honor societies, sport clubs, and many other student organizations. In addition, Student Involvement offers a variety of leadership programs that are geared to the fraternity and sorority community, which includes the Fraternal Collaborative Development Academy, Fraternal Values Summit, GREAT Workshops, and New Member Experience.


Academic success is the top priority of SJSU’s fraternity and sorority community. When you join a chapter, you will benefit from their scholastic programs and support. SJSU ranks each fraternity and sorority based on the collective group’s GPA. Each organization conducts academic workshops and invites speakers during the year to promote academic success. Fraternity and sorority member GPAs match, and in some cases exceed, that of their SJSU peers.

Service & Philanthropy

SJSU Greeks have a rich tradition of sponsoring philanthropic events both on and off campus to raise money for charities. Greeks also participate in collective philanthropy events, such as the annual Greek Week and Homecoming Up 'til Dawn benefit for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Chapters also sponsor smaller events where members adopt a school or family, providing much needed services for community agencies and individuals. In 2010, the fraternity and sorority community raised nearly $105,000 for charities or philanthropies, participated in 318 documented community service projects, accumulated 23,315 hours of verified service, and their efforts benefited 133 community agencies and organizations. More information on recent community service and philanthropy efforts can be found in our “Greeks in the Community / Greek Achievement and Recognition" (PDF) publication.


Chapters sponsor trips to local sporting events, concerts, and outdoors events. State law, SJSU regulations, and inter/national fraternity and sorority policies and procedures dictate how social functions are conducted, whether in the chapter facilities or other locations.

Graduation & Retention

One result of the deep and meaningful relationships you will develop as a chapter member is a higher graduation rate among Greek students. Research shows Greek students are more likely to be retained each year than their non-Greek peers (based on a six year graduation rate).

Alumni Involvement & Mentoring

Greek alumni and alumni organizations can provide your student with a strong system of support after college. Many chapters provide connections within the community through jobs and internships. This networking opens doors to students for post-college opportunities all over the nation and the world.


Many of SJSU's Greek organizations provide housing for their members. Room and board prices are competitive with University Residences and off-campus apartments. Student room arrangements and chapter housing capacities vary from group to group, as do their policies on living-in. More information about chapter housing is available on the individual chapters’ information page.