How Can Parents or Family Members Support Interested Students?

Thank You!

The staff of Student Involvement's Student Engagement team thank you for your support and your student's interest in one of our fraternities and sororities. San José State University is an exciting place to be and we assure you that your son or daughter is a part of a strong tradition of fraternity and sorority life. As you may know, SJSU has over 115 years of fraternity and sorority life. We have chapters ranging from those that embrace African American, Asian American, and Latino/a American heritage, to general interest chapters that have foundations in philanthropic endeavors. Membership in all chapters encompass approximately 6% of the undergraduate population at SJSU (about 32,000 students).

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Statement on Unrecognized Organizations

Being part of a fraternity or sorority can be one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have while at college. Unfortunately, there are some groups that are not affiliated with the University that utilize the enticement of this experience to recruit student members. We strongly discourage students from attending events or affiliating with any group that is not officially recognized by SJSU. Before joining any club or organization, please check our Directory of Student Organizations to verify that the organization is officially recognized and operating within University parameters.

The following chapters have been SUSPENDED by San José State University or their national office for hazing, violence, or inappropriate chapter management practices, or have Cease and Desists issued against them, within the past few years and are not recognized:

Lambda Phi Epsilon (fraternity)

expelled for serious hazing, resulting in a death

Omega Psi Phi (fraternity)

inactive organization, not recognized at SJSU

Phi Gamma Delta (fraternity)

suspended for conduct violations

Phi Kappa Tau (fraternity)

underground group, never recognized, history of hazing practices
Cease and Desist Order issued by the CSU

Psi Chi Omega (fraternity)

underground group, never recognized, history of hazing practices

Sigma Gamma Rho (sorority)

suspended for serious hazing