Questions to Ask Your Student

Before Committing to a Particular Chapter

  • Why do you want to join a fraternity or sorority? (if it is to party and act like Bluto on Animal House or Steve Sanders on 90210, then please rethink your priorities ­— you can party and act foolish without joining a fraternity or sorority — and save yourself a lot of time and money before flunking out of SJSU. Think about it)
  • Do you understand you are joining this organization for life?
  • Do you have the financial resources to pay for rent, food, and chapter dues (the first two if they have a house)?
  • Will you have the time to participate in chapter leadership positions, chapter meetings, service events, intramurals, and other chapter events?
  • What is the GPA of the chapter?
  • What is the GPA for the most recent new member class?
  • What percent of the most recent new member class was initiated?
  • Does the chapter disclose the contents of their pledge/new member program?
  • Does the chapter tell you the date of initiation during the recruitment process?
  • What is the percentage of members involved in student organizations?
  • What is the percentage of chapter members who graduate?
  • If the chapter has a housing facility, is it well-kept and clean?
  • Do the members respect the property?
  • Do all members participate equally in cleaning the house?
  • What alumni / alumnae connections are available through the organization?
  • Will this organization help build your resume for a successful career after you graduate?
  • Does the organization support the academic mission of San José State University?
  • Lastly, and perhaps most important, what group do you "fit in" with and feel the most comfortable around?