Fraternity & Sorority Life Signature Programs

Our Values

United in the values of family, academics, service and leadership, fraternities and sororities build leaders for a better world. Make friends, make a difference, and make memories! At the heart of Student Involvement’s support for the fraternity and sorority community are signature programs that support the aforementioned values.

Greek Awards

SJSU is home to a vibrant and diverse fraternity and sorority community. Members, leaders and chapters as a whole accomplish many things during the course of an academic year. Every year, the community and staff of Student Involvement come together to celebrate the contributions of the fraternity and sorority community. Program, chapter, individual member and leader awards are given at the annual Fraternal Values Awards in mid-May. 

The 2014 Fraternal Values Awards will be held on April 7, 2015, but make sure to nominate for any and all categories before March 13, 2015! Follow this link for a complete list of awards recipients. Interested in applying? Check out the links below:

Alumni of the Year

Chapter Advisor of the Year

Emerging Fraternity and Sorority Leader of the Year

Faculty Advisor of the Year

Fraternity Man of the Year and Sorority Woman of the Year

Fraternity Senior Man of the Year/Sorority Senior Woman of the Year

Other awards given at Fraternal Values Awards include Chapter of the Year and special academic recognition! Make sure to check back for the details of when Greek Awards will be held! 

Fraternal Values Summit

Strengthening the fraternity and sorority community, this intensive three day retreat provides student leaders with the knowledge and tools to effectively lead change, while also uniting the community through understanding and acknowledgement of shared values and ideals. Attendees include Presidents and New Member Educators for each chapter, as well as Council Presidents and other select leaders.

The 2015 Fraternal Values Summit is scheduled for Friday – Sunday, January 9 – 11, 2015 at the Koinonia Conference Grounds near Watsonville, CA.

Greek Active Personal Development (GREAT) Workshops 

The engagement of students in learning and personal development is an integral focus of the University, and GREAT was created to achieve the same end. Chapters of the SJSU fraternity and sorority community use the GREAT program series to better prepare members for life and leadership both in and beyond college. Follow this link for more information on the GREAT program.

New Member Experience

The New Member Experiences (NME) a tradition that serves to introduce new members to the foundations of fraternal life and to equip them with the knowledge and connections they need to be successful, proud, and well prepared for the experience of a lifetime. As such, participants will learn about the history of the fraternal movement, our common values, strategies for success as a new member, and the ability to begin bonding with the other members of the new member classes.

The New Member Experience is moving online! New members should look for an email in early September with instructions on how to access NME on Canvas.