Fraternity & Sorority Community Toolkit

Resources for Chapter Leaders & Advisors

All chapters must adhere to the following schedule to ensure accurate academic and membership rosters. Changes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Chapters who have not submitted all recognition forms and all components of recognition on or before Monday, February 20, 2017 will not be recognized by San José State University for that semester.


Spring Recruitment/Intake Dates

  • Dry Rush/Substance-Free Recruitment Begins: 01/23/17
  • Dry Rush/Substance-Free Recruitment Can End: 02/15/17
  • First Day to Begin Recruitment/Intake: 01/23/17
  • First Day to Invite/Bid: 02/13/17 - ongoing as needed only if approved by council advisor 
  • President's Collaborative: 01/30/17 at 4:00pm
  • New Member Paperwork Deadline: 02/20/17 - ongoing as needed only if pre-approved by council advisor


General Forms

Greek Chapter Officer Roster Form

Fall 2017 Deadline: Monday May 15th by 5pm

Mid-Term Grade Checks (PDF)

Recruitment Forms

Intent to Participate in Recruitment/Intake Activities

Spring 2017 Deadline: January 26, 2017

Intent to Initiate/Cross

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the first initiation/crossing activity

Initiation/Crossing Report Form

Deadline: Within 72 hours of completing initiation activities

Substance-Free Recruitment Waiver Form

Deadline: At least 5 business days before the event


Active Roster Forms

Active Member Return to Active Status (PDF)
Active Member Removal/Inactivity

Spring 2017 Deadline: February 20, 2017 


New Member Forms

New Member Intent to Participate List/Academic - Hazing Acknowledgement Agreement (PDF)
Chapter Hazing Compliance Form (PDF)
Recognition Request Form (PDF)

Spring 2017 Deadline: February 20, 2017

Termination of a New Member

Deadline: Within 72 hours of termination


Social Forms

Social Event Registration Form

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the event

Social Event Sign-In Sheet (Guest List) (PDF)
This attendance list is the only approved guest sign-in sheet that can be used for a social function. All guests (including members of the hosting chapter) must sign-in on this sheet. 

Deadline: 1 Business Day following the date of the social function. 

Third Party Vendor Checklist (PDF)

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the event

Substance-Free Recruitment Waiver 

Deadline: At least five days prior to the event


GREAT Sessions

*Online Workshops are no longer accepted as of January 1, 2017*
GREAT Session Calendar
Request to Host a GREAT Session

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the event

Group GREAT Session Verification Form (PDF)
Independent GREAT Session Verification Form (PDF) 

Fall 2016 Deadline: (Final) December 9, 2016

Spring 2017 Deadline: (Mid-term) March 10, 2017; (Final) May 12, 2017


Policies & Procedures

Greek Management Manual (PDF)
Fraternity & Sorority Community Relationship Statement (PDF)
Policies & Procedures for all Student Organizations (PDF)
Rule of Eight Regulations (PDF)