Fraternity & Sorority Community Toolkit

Resources for Chapter Leaders & Advisors


All chapters must adhere to the following schedule to ensure accurate academic and membership rosters. Changes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

Chapters who have not submitted the New Member Recruitment/Intake List and all components on or before September 18, 2015 will not be recognized by San José State University for that semester.


Fall 2015 Recruitment/Intake Dates

  • Substance-Free Begins: 8/13/15
  • President's Collaborative: 8/24/15 at 4:00 pm
  • Substance-Free Can End: 9/2/15
  • First Day to Begin Recruitment/Intake: 8/20/15
  • First Day to Invite: 8/31/15 at 12:00 pm
  • New Member Paperwork Deadline: 9/18/15


General Forms

Greek Chapter Officer Roster Form

Fall 2015 Deadline: May 14, 2015

Spring 2016 Deadline: December 9, 2015

Mid-Term Grade Checks (PDF)

Recruitment Forms

Intent to Participate in Recruitment/Intake Activities

Fall 2015 Deadline: August 20, 2015

Spring 2016 Deadline: January 26, 2016

Intent to Initiate/Cross

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the first initiation/crossing activity

Initiation/Crossing Report Form

Deadline: Within 72 hours of completing initiation activities

Substance-Free Recruitment Waiver Form

Deadline: At least 5 business days before the event


Active Roster Forms

Active Member Return to Active Status (PDF)
Active Member Removal/Inactivity

Fall 2015 Deadline: September 18, 2015

Spring 2016 Deadline: February 19, 2016


New Member Forms

New Member List/Acknowledgement (PDF)
New Member Hazing Compliance Form (PDF)
Chapter Hazing Compliance Form (PDF)
Recognition Request Form (PDF)

Fall 2015 Deadline: September 18, 2015

Spring 2016 Deadline: February 19, 2016

Termination of a New Member

Deadline: Within 72 hours of termination


Social Forms

Social Event Registration Form

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the event

Third Party Vendor Checklist (PDF)

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the event

Substance-Free Recruitment Waiver 

Deadline: At least five days prior to the event


GREAT Sessions

GREAT Session Calendar
Online GREAT Session Links

Reminder: Print the confirmation at the end of your session! 

Request to Host a GREAT Session

Deadline: At least 72 hours prior to the event

Group GREAT Session Verification Form (PDF)
Independent GREAT Session Verification Form (PDF)

Fall 2015 Deadline: (Mid-Term) October 16, 2015; (Final) December 4, 2015

Spring 2016 Deadline: (Mid-Term) March 25, 2016; (Final) May 6, 2016


Printer-Friendly Timelines

Fall 2015 Timeline (PDF)
Spring 2016 Timeline (PDF) Links (PDF)

Policies & Procedures

Greek Management Manual (PDF)
Council Management Manual (PDF)
Fraternity & Sorority Community Relationship Statement (PDF)
Policies & Procedures for all Student Organizations (PDF)
Rule of Eight Regulations (PDF)