Fraternity & Sorority Toolkit

Resources for Chapter Leaders & Advisors

All chapters must adhere to the following schedule to ensure accurate academic and membership rosters. Changes will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Chapters who have not submitted all recognition forms and all components of recognition on or before Monday, September 15, 2017 will not be recognized by San José State University for that semester.



Policies & Procedures:




Fall 2017 Dates:

  • Recruitment/Intake

    • Substance-Free Recruitment Begins: Monday, August 21
    • Substance-Free Recruitment Can End: Wednesday, September 13 *at 12 noon only if New Member list has been submitted
    • First Day to Begin Recruitment/Intake: Monday, August 21
    • First Day to Invite/Bid: Monday, September 11 *ongoing as needed only if approved by council advisor
  • Important Events

    • Meet the Greeks: Friday, August 25th (11am-2pm) at Housing Quad
    • Greek Town Hall: Monday, August 28 (4pm-6pm)*mandatory for Presidents and 60% of active members for each chapter
    • Fall 2017 Organization Fair: Tuesday, September 5 (11am-2pm) on Tower Lawn
    • USFC Info Night: Thursday, September 7 (6pm-8:30pm) on 7th Street Plaza
    • Homecoming Week: Sunday, October 1st - Saturday, October 7th
    • Greek Week of Giving: Monday, November 6th - Friday November 10th


Important Forms:

General Forms

  • Active Membership Agreement
    • Specific form per chapter. See council advisor for form.
  • Greek Chapter Officer Roster
    • Specific internal link needed. See council advisor for link.
  • Mid-Term Grade Checks (PDF)


Recruitment Forms


Membership Forms

  • Change in Membership Form (PDF)
    • Deadline: Within 72 hrs of an officer taking a position or prior to start of academic semester.
    • Used to Report the Following Mmebership Status Changes:
      • Return to Active Status Form
      • Removal/Inactivity Form for Active & New Members
      • Graduating Seniors/Alumni Status
      • Study Abroad


New Member Forms

  • New Member Candidate Eligibility Forms
    • Panhellenic Sorority (ICS Registration)
      • Deadline: Thursday, September 7, 2017 
      • Ongoing as needed - Only if pre-approved by council advisor
    • Interfraternity Fraternity (Google Form)
      • Deadline: Friday, September 8, 2017
      • Ongoing as needed - Only if pre-approved by council advisor
    • United Fraternity & Sorority Council (Google Form)
      • Deadline: Friday, September 8, 2017
      • Ongoing as needed - Only if pre-approved by council advisor
    • National Pan-Hellenic Council (Google Form)
  • New Member Agreement Form (PDF)
    • Deadline: Wednesday September 13, 2017
    • Ongoing as needed - Only if pre-approved by council advisor]


Social Event Forms

  • Social Event Registration (PDF)
    • Deadline: 5 Business Days Prior to Event
  • Social Event Sign-In Sheet/Guest List for SJSU Students (SJSU|SAMMY App)
    • Event Specific QR Code will be e-mail to event host 24 hrs prior to event.
    • All guests must scan into the event.
    • Deadline: Must be complete prior to any entry into event.
  • Social Event Sign-In Sheet/Guest List for Non-SJSU Students (PDF)
    • Deadline: 1 Business Day following the date of the social function