Standards of Excellence & Awards

Standards of Excellence

The Standards of Excellence have been designed to indicate what San José State University expects from each chapter. In addition, the standards show what sets fraternities and sororities apart from other student organizations. It is required that each chapter meets these minimum standards in order to be considered in good standing with the University, and to maintain recognition.

                         Platinum Laurel Chapter: 1,615 - 1,795 points


Gold Laurel Image Silver Laurel Image Bronze Laurel Image
1,436 - 1,614 points 1,256 - 1,435 points 1,255 - 1,077 points


Important Standards of Excellence Information

  • Standards of Excellence submissions for the 2018 year are due Friday, March 1, 2019.
  • 2018 Standards of Excellence Packet (PDF)
  • Each chapter will have access to their individual Standards of Excellence Google folder. All documents will be submitted here. If you have not received access to your chapter's Standards of Excellence Google folder, please email

Additional Awards

  • Awards submissions for will be due by 5pm on Monday, March 8, 2019.
  • Awards submissions will be completed through Google forms (hyperlinked for each award below).
  • Award submissions are due by 11:59 PM on Monday, March 8, 2019.
  • These awards are supplemental to those such as “Best in Council,” “Most Improved Chapter,” etc.

Fraternity & Sorority Member(s) of the Year:

One Fraternity member and one Sorority member who best exemplify the values of Greek Life at San José State University, will be selected as the Fraternity and Sorority Members of the Year. Individuals that are nominated will be evaluated based on information provided specifically describing their character, scholastic performance, chapter, Greek Life, University & greater community involvement, public service, etc. throughout their undergraduate career.

Emerging Sorority/Fraternity Leader of the Year:

One Fraternity and one Sorority member who is identified as having demonstrated taking initiative or action, and showed an ability to inspire and lead within their fraternity/sorority and/or the Greek community. Individuals that are nominated will be judged on the information provided on how they exemplified chapter values, took action/got involved regardless of a title or position, and served as a role model for other members within the organization. This award is intended for newer members within the Fraternity & Sorority community (less than one year in the organization); looking to highlight those members that have made an impact in the short time in which they've been active.

Fraternity and Sorority Advisor of the Year:

The Fraternity and Sorority Advisor of the Year Award recognizes 2 organization alumni/ae or SJSU campus advisors that go above and beyond to motivate, challenge, and support the undergraduate officers and members. These people demonstrate their commitment by being present at relevant Chapter events and meetings, assists with organizational goal setting and transitions, serves as a role model to the members, mentors individual students, and more.

Outstanding Fraternity & Sorority President(s) of the Year:

One Fraternity President and one Sorority President who demonstrated exemplary leadership during their term as chapter president, will be selected as the Outstanding Fraternity and Sorority Presidents(s) of the Year. Individuals that are nominated will be evaluated based on information provided specifically describing their character, leadership, resilience, and overall performance as president.


Outstanding Greek Program of the Year:

New to 2018, this award recognizes a chapter that has planned an outstanding program that has contributed positively to the San José State University community. Programs can be educational, service/philanthropy-oriented, and/or engaging in nature. An educational program is described as benefiting its participants in their academic or professional pursuits or creating awareness around a specific topic/subject. Service/philanthropy-oriented programs can include community service, community engagement, or philanthropy events during the current academic year. Both single events and on-going programs are eligible. Engagement program benefit participants by fostering community -- can be educational or social (i.e., speakers, concerts, talent shows, competitions, etc.).


Spring 2019 Awards:

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