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Spring 2014 Workshops

Every Tuesday
March 4–May 9, 2014
5:00–6:00 p.m.
Resident Activity Center, Campus Village B
Co-Hosted by the Residence Hall Association

Food will be provided free each week and attendance at 7 of the 8 workshops gets you a certificate and an official SJSU Leadership T-Shirt.

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March 25
**Spring Break -- No Workshop**

 Join us for nine weeks of outstanding workshops focused on what it truly means to lead and how to be a good follower. Over the course of the series we will cover topics ranging from: inspiring action; coping with and leading through change; recruiting and growing an organization; transitioning officers and leadership; and how to leave a legacy. Each offering will be presented by SJSU faculty, staff, or alumni.

This is event is free and you are not required to attend all of the sessions - though those who do will be provided a certificate of completion and will be entered into a drawing for prizes. 

This event is wheelchair accessible.
For further information or to discuss additional accessibility
needs please contact us at: student-leadership@sjsu.edu

March 4
Leadership, I know it when I see it...
Presenter: Rich Dillon, Assistant Director for Leadership Development

Leadership is a concept regularly referenced, but rarely well understood. One can speak about leadership through research, habits, behaviors, actions, examples, etc. When asked to define it, however, often we struggle to come up with an all encompassing statement about what leadership really means. Leadership is a process and everyone has their own opinions on what it entails. Attend this workshop to get a better grasp on how you define leadership and what being a student leader at SJSU looks like. 

Rich Dillon has been the Assistant Director of Leadership Development at San Jose State for three years now in Student Involvement (Clark Hall 104). He received a Bachelors degree in Political Science from Loyola University Chicago and a Masters degree in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University. His particular interests in the field include social justice, intersectionality, identity development, community building, and facilitating change.

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Self-Reflection, Leaving a Legacy (Lasting Impact), Inspiring Action

March 11
Introduction to Working with Undocumented Students
Presenter: Tova Feldmanstern, Case Manager & Counselor

This session will present information related to undocumented students in the United States, including personal narratives (short videos), demographic statistics, financial and legal challenges and helpful resources. The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness about the issues facing undocumented students and educate ourselves about how we can be of support to these members of our community.

Tova Feldmanstern, LCSW is the case manager and a counselor in the Counseling Department at SJSU. She enjoys working with students to pursue their goals and help them get connected with resources. Her passions include promoting LGBT and women's rights, multiculturalism and social justice on & off campus. For fun, she enjoys reading, gardening, learning new things and being outdoors. She received her B.A. is History in 2003 and her Master's of Social Work in 2007. 

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Diversity, Global Citizenship, Inspiring Action

March 18 
Civility & Social Media: The Accident at the Intersection
Presenter: Natina Gurley, Assistant Director for Residence Life

We have learned civility. We use social media. Independently, these concepts are understood. Together, there has been an unfortunate accident. This leadership dialogue will dissect that accident, exploring the evolutions of civility and social media and the impending accident – or lack of civil voices in our online lives. We will critically analyze the accident and discuss techniques to “clear the wreckage” though examination of our “virtual” leadership.

Natina has worked professionally in Residential Life for eight years at various institutions in/regions of the United States. She received her undergraduate degree from UCLA (’03) and graduate degree from the University of Central Arkansas (’06). In 2005 she participated in a graduate study abroad experience examining higher education from global and cultural perspectives. Her areas of interest include residential programming, social justice/inclusivity, leadership development and the impacts of social media on higher education/student development.

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Diversity, Leaving a Legacy (Lasting Impact), Self Reflection

April 1
Stop, Facilitate, and Listen: The Importance of Human Relations Dialogue
Presenter: Shannon Quihuiz, Director of Conduct and Ethical Development

Are you interested in advancing your communication skills? Human relations dialogue is designed to reduce barriers to communication and provide an opportunity to engage in critical dialogue around difficult topics. “Stop, Facilitate, and Listen” is designed to explore the multiple dimensions of communication that impact our interaction with others. This workshop will encourage participants to think critically and broadly about communication and conflict. Participants will be provided the opportunity to identify their own communication preferences, apply their knowledge to relevant examples, and deconstruct conflict situations. The aim of this workshop is to enhance and improve participants’ leadership capacity with respect to communication and how they engage with one another.

Shannon Quihuiz is the Interim Director for the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development at San Jose State University. In this role, she is responsible for administering the student disciplinary system. Shannon is a certified mediator, facilitator, and investigator. She also has prior teaching experience focusing on organizing, social change, critical thinking, dynamic tension, human relations, identity development, social justice, community building, and campaign strategies.

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Coping with Change (Change Management), Diversity, Recruitment (Building a Team) , Self Reflection

April 8
Take Care of Yourself and Your Team
Presenter: Emily Bauer, Associate Director of Student Involvement

Your group probably has a lot going on. Let's have an open discussion on what you expect from yourself and your members/officers. There are ways to help all achieve leadership success as well as academic and personal success.

Emily is currently the Associate Director of Student Involvement. She has worked at SJSU for over 6 years and loves working with SJSU leaders. Emily's career has focused on orientation, transition and success programs.

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Self Reflection

April 15
OXFAM Hunger Banquet**
Presenters: Jessie Cardoso & Emily Linden, President and Vice President of Oxfam America Club at SJSU

*This workshop will go an extra half hour, ending at 6:30pm*

Life isn't fair—and neither is this. At an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet®, the place where you sit, and the meal that you eat, are determined by the luck of the draw—just as in real life some of us are born into relative prosperity and others into poverty.

Jessie Cardoso is a fourth year Sociology major, and Emily Linden is a fourth year Radio, Television and Film major. This semester they are starting the Oxfam America Club on campus in hopes to spread awareness of global poverty issues.

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Diversity, Global Citizenship, Inspiring Action, Leaving a Legacy (Lasting Impact), Self Reflection

April 22 
A Change Is Coming: Learning and Leading Amidst Changes
Presenters: Pauline Le, Avina Ramnani, Nichole Yang; Assistant Director of Peer Connections and Peer Mentors

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” ― Heraclitus

College life is filled with changes. Students are facing changes that range from adjusting to the campus culture, switching majors, thinking about graduation, or a change in student leadership.  Sometimes the transitions can be stressful, yet often times, they can bring rewarding opportunities to learn and grow. Whether you are facing major transitions individually or with your organization, come to this dialogue to learn more about the value of change and effective strategies for managing them.

Pauline works as the Assistant Director for the Peer Mentor Program and has the privilege of collaborating with her Peer Mentors on fun workshops and events.  Avina and Nichole are both rockstar Peer Mentors with Peer Connections.  Avina is a graduate student studying French, and Nichole is a graduating senior studying Psychology.  All of them bravely welcome the challenges that come from facing transitions and changes!

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Coping with Change (Change Management), Self Reflection

April 29
Understanding Language and Micro-Aggressions as Leaders
Presenter: Caz Salamanca, Assistant Director of MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center

The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with knowledge of inclusive language, and familiarity with microaggressions.  As leaders, it is important to understand the impact of what is said and how it's communicated. Participants will leave with a better understanding of identity and microaggressions, and how to combat microaggressions.

Caz Salamanca is the Assistant Director of the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center at SJSU. He has coordinated campus-wide diversity and social justice programs, such as Tunnel of Oppression and the Hip Hop 4 Change Conference 2012. Currently he oversees the ADAPT Training Program and Diversity Interns.

Leadership Competencies Covered in the Material: Diversity, Inspiring Action, Self Reflection

May 6
Cancelled Date


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