Conference Learning Outcomes

Competency Areas

Personal Growth
Health & Wellness
Self-Confidence & Role-Modeling
Risk Taking/Initiative

Problem Solving
Reporting & Accountability
Understanding of Values & Ethics

Organizational Development
Communication & Policy Enforcement
Empowerment & Delegation
Decision Making

Community Engagement
Celebrating Difference
Civic Responsibility
Social Justice & Advocacy


To develop knowledge, skills, and abilities on topics of leadership and organizational development and to strengthen the community of student leaders at San José State University.


“The extent to which students can achieve particular developmental goals is a direct function of the time and effort they devote to activities designed to produce these gains.” – Alexander Astin

As an integral part of Student Involvement at San José State University's leadership program, the Student Leadership Conference seeks to provide student leaders learning and networking opportunities. As a complement to students’ experience in the classroom, we expect students to participate in our program to develop and ultimately demonstrate skills, characteristics, and knowledge representing success, engaged citizenship, and ethical leadership. We realize that campus involvement, inherent in being an engaged student leader, is just one of many ways for San José State students to get involved. Therefore, specifically with this conference, we anticipate our students to:

  • Engage with other student leaders, staff, and faculty in an open and inclusive learning environment
  • Learn foundational and transformative skills as leaders and advocates for more robust campus life 
  • Develop increased motivation to demonstrate behaviors of effective leaders and gains in leadership capacity and performance   

We aim to provide guidance in developing these outcomes that are transferable toward each individual’s educational and professional goals.