Leadership Today: Social Justice Immersion Leadership Retreat

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Leadership Today 2015

Leadership Today is a 3-day social justice immersion leadership retreat designed to train advanced student leaders to positively and effectively build community around issues of diversity. A diverse representation of students will be selected based on their application to the program. There is no cost to participate.

Program Activities

Program activities include interactive workshops, large and small group discussions, and various activities on intergroup relations, diversity, and leadership development. A large portion of the curriculum will be spent on self-identity exploration.




Retreat Date

January 7-9, 2015

Retreat Location

Koinonia Conference Grounds
(Watsonville, CA 95076)

Applications Available

Apply today!

Applications Due

November 5, 2014

Applicants Notified By

November 24, 2014

Mandatory Delegate Orientation

December 11, 2014

Clark Hall 140

10:00 - 12:00 pm

Leadership Today Facilitators

Interested in being a Leadership Today Facilitator? Contact Jackie Gardner at jacqueline.gardner@sjsu.edu. 

Leadership Today is facilitated by two Lead Educators and 5 Leadership Today Facilitators. LT Facilitators are SJSU Faculty and Staff who are responsible for overseeing a dialogue group at the retreat as well as assisting the group with their Tunnel of Oppression project.

Post Retreat

Upon returning to SJSU, participants will be expected to continue their learning and development through participating in the Tunnel of Oppression, and will be responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of the entryway and one of the rooms.  The event is coordinated by MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center, and will take place during the first week of April.

Former Leadership Today Delegate Testimonials

"This experience has already affected my life.  I’ve finally found a term that I love identifying with. I feel extremely more comfortable with myself and because of that, I now have the confidence to get to know people that I wouldn't have had the self-security to have approached before." -  LT Delegate

"This retreat revealed the need for a more educated community and that I am to respond to that need if a change is going to be made in this world." -  LT Delegate

"This retreat definitely changed my perceptions on a lot of things and it definitely made, and will make, a difference in the messages I promote as a person and as a leader in my community." - LT Delegate

Former Leadership Today Facilitator Testimonials

"My best experience was working directly with students. I loved the opportunity to interact and experience dialogues about issues so rarely brought up at standard leadership trainings." -  LT Facilitator

"When I signed on to facilitate LT, I thought that I would be doing all of the teaching. I am humbled to say that I have learned SO much from the students, staff, my colleagues... the entire program." -  LT Facilitator

"I had no idea how impactful LT was going to be on me. I have really changed as an instructor as a result to my experiences at LT and after hearing the stories that the delegates shared." -  LT Facilitator