Academic Support

Resources to Support Your Academics

We hope that you will utilize the links below, in consultation with your workshop individual action plans.

Peer Connections

Writing Center

WST Workshops



Educational Counseling

MLK Library

SJSU Student Learning and Research Commons



Tips and Highlights Spartans Should Know

Academic success is crucial to degree obtainment, a hopeful a reason you are at SJSU. We encourage you to be proactive and take advantage of resources and learning opportunities to maximize your learning.

Key tips for academic success:

  • Time management is crucial, exploring and creating a system that works for you will really pay off
  • Talk to your professors! Use office hours to discuss topics you may need clarity on but to also network and learn about the profession you are interested in
  • Ask for help before it is too late! Tutors, mentors and workshops on campus are all created to help you, but you have to be aware and take advantage of them early for best results
  • Writing skills are key to University coursework at all levels. Seek feedback early and work on this. You will need this for your future career and for applying to Graduate School
  • Check out the CASA Student Success Center if you are in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Check out the Engineering Student Success Center if you are in the College of Engineering
  • Check out the ACCESS Success Center if you are in the College of Social Sciences
  • Check out the College of Science Advising Center (COSAC) if you are in the College of Science
  • Check out the Business Student Advisement Center (BSAC) if you are in the College of Business