Orientation Leader (OL) Recruitment

Orientation Leader Application 2015 Promotional Flier

Student Leaders Wanted!

We are looking for enthusiastic students who are team players and are eager to be campus leaders. 

Benefits include extensive leadership training and opportunities to make connections with over 200 faculty and staff; three units of academic credit for completing the leadership training course in the spring semester; and the ability to affect the lives of over 3800 new students and their parents.  Check out the links to the left for more information about becoming a future Frosh Orientation Leader!

Attend an Information Session: Learn More About the Selection Process!

Information sessions are offered to give applicants unfamiliar with Frosh Orientation and the Orientation Leader interview process a chance to learn more in preparation for the Orientation Leader Selection Workshop. At this time, applicants can interact with professional and student staff from the Orientation program to get questions answered and learn firsthand about the many enticing benefits that come with being an Orientation Leader.

We provide attendees with information about the program, discuss the level of commitment and dedication needed to perform the duties of an Orientation Leader, and give tips on positive ways for applicants to stand out and make a great first impression in a large group setting.

This fall's interest sessions will be held:

  • TBH

Application and Selection Process

All new applicants are required to attend the Orientation Leader Selection Workshop, a large group interview in which applicants will be evaluated on a series of skills we look for in an Orientation Leader.  Selected applicants from the workshop will be invited to individual interviews.  

Applications are now closed!!!


Applications are due on: TBH

Professional Reference Forms are due on: TBH

Orientation Leader Group Interview Workshop: TBH

Individual Interviews will be held: TBH

2015 Orientation Leader Selection Announcements will be made by : TBH