Orientation Leader Commitment

Training and Development

One of the highest-rated components of our Frosh Orientation program is the interaction new students have with their Orientation Leaders. Our leaders go through an extensive, yet rewarding training process that helps prepare them for interactions with new students and parents. Aside from the need to be available throughout the summer to work all of the orientation sessions, here is what prospective applicants should be prepared to commit to: 

UNVS 199 Class: Orientation Leadership Studies

In the Spring semester, all new Orientation Leaders are required to enroll in this 3-unit, academic credit granting course. In the class, leaders learn about various departments and resources at SJSU to be a wealth of knowledge to Frosh Orientation participants. Additional topics include different student development and leadership theories, as well as topics on diversity and inclusion and health/wellness behavior in a college setting. By the end of the course, our leaders have formed a tight-knit, supportive community, well-versed in all things SJSU, and how to be encouraging and engaging leaders to our new Spartans!

The mandatory UNVS 199 class takes place on Tuesday evenings from 4:30–7:15 p.m.

Retreat Group Photo

Frosh Orientation Staff Retreat

Our overnight staff retreat usually held the first weekend of February provides the first opportunity for all Frosh Orientation staff to come together and get to know one another.

Frosh Orientation Program

All Orientation staff must be available for all Frosh Orientation sessions. This includes living in on-campus housing and being available from 10pm the night before each session through 5pm the second day of each session.

Final Training- June 2-6 (entire week commitment)


Session #1- Tuesday, June 10-Wednesday, June 11
Session #2- Tuesday, June 17-Wednesday, June 18
Session #3- Tuesday, June 24-Wednesday, June 25
Session #4- Tuesday, July 1-Wednesday, July 2
Session #5- Tuesday, July 8-Wednesday, July 9
Session #6- Tuesday, July 15-Wednesday, July 16
Session #7- Tuesday, July 22-Wednesday, July 23
Session #8- Tuesday, July 29-Wednesday, July 30