Student Organization Recognition Process


Re-Recognition Deadlines for Spring 2020! 

Process opening soon!


If you are currently a Recognized Student Organization for the 2019-2020 academic year, your organization will need to complete the Student Organization Re-Recognition process in Spring 2020 in order to remain a Recognized Student Organization for the 2020-2021 academic year.

There are two important due dates for current Recognized Student Organizations to complete materials to be Recognized for the 2020-2021 school year.

Step 1: Organization's Re-Recognition application for 2020-2021 due

Your organization's current leadership will receive an email with a URL link to complete this application. Please email if you do not receive this. Do not use the URL link for any other organization.

Step 2: President and Treasurer completion of Canvas Course

Within 2 weeks of submitting your application, the President and Treasurer will be entered into an online Canvas course. Presidents and Treasurers are expected to complete the course with 100% on all quizzes and prompts.  


Spring 2020 Re-Recognition FAQ


What are the Minimum Requirements for my Organization to be re-recognized?

The President and Treasurer must meet the following requirements per California State University Executive Order 1068/1006/969.


  • Minimum GPA requirements: Presidents and Treasurers must be matriculated and enrolled at a CSU campus and maintain a minimum overall 2.0 grade point average each term. The student must be in good standing and must not be on probation of any kind.
  • Incumbent Unit Load: This requires undergraduate students to earn six semester (nine quarter) units per term while holding office. Graduate and credential students must earn three semester (four quarter) units per term while holding office. Students enrolled at quarter campuses must attend a minimum of two quarters during the academic year to maintain eligibility.
  • Incumbent Maximum Allowable Units: Undergraduate students are allowed to earn a maximum of 150 semester (225 quarter) units or 125 percent of the units required for a specific baccalaureate degree objective, whichever is greater. Graduate and credential students are allowed to earn a maximum of 50 semester (75 quarter) units or 167 percent of the units required for the graduate or credential objective, whichever is greater. Students holding more than this number of units will no longer be eligible for minor student government office.

Isn’t Re-Recognition normally in the Fall? Why is it in the Spring now?

We are shifting to a Spring Re-recognition model so that leaders do not spend the beginning of the academic year on paperwork and training and instead, will already be Recognized for the new academic year and can focus on hitting the ground round running in the beginning of the school year with recruitment, programs, and other activities that will lead to your organizational success. Each year, SJSU brings in about 4,000 frosh (freshman) and 4,500 transfer students. Student organizations are a huge part of campus life, and we hope that our student organizations are able to connect with new students earlier!


My organization doesn’t elect officers until the Fall! Who do we list for re-recognition?

Please have the current President and Treasurer, or anyone able to fill those roles in an interim capacity and complete the online Canvas training by May 31st. Any one filling in will need to meet the GPA and unit requirement. Student organizations will be given a deadline to make any changers on a case by case basis.


I’m not sure if I will be eligible to be President/Treasurer for 2019-2020.

Our recommendation is to complete Re-Recognition as if you will be eligible. Grade checks and eligibility will be completed over the summer. In the case that the officers listed are not eligible, student organizations be given a deadline to make the necessary changes in order for the organization to remain recognized. However, if it is more than likely that you will not be eligible, we recommend that you work within your organization to find members who will be eligible so that you will not have to go through the trouble in the Fall and/or face the organization not being de-recognized.


When can I get access to the Canvas course?

As long your re-recognition application has no glaring issues, the President/Treasurer listed on your application should be added to our Canvas course within 10 business days. Students are added to the course manually by the Student Involvement Team (therefore, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!). If you have completed the re-recognition application and have not received any notification or errors but have not been added to the Canvas course within 10 business days, please email


I just completed the Canvas course some time this semester. Do I need to complete it again?

Yes! The Canvas course for 2020-2021 is slightly different and includes new and updated information that student org leaders should know going into the Fall semester.


I’m the leader of a New Student Organization. Will I need to complete Re-Recognition?

No. Any clubs/organizations that were formed in the Spring 2020 semester will not need to complete re-recognition. However, any new officers for these organizations will need to complete the new Canvas course.


Where can I find more information about Recognized Student Organization (RSO’s) policies, procedures, and expectations?

All RSO’s are expected to abide by federal and state policies, California State University Executive Order 1068, SJSU Student Organization Code of Conduct, and the SJSU RSO Handbook. All of this information can be found on the Student Involvement RSO website:


Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the Re-Recognition process?

The best way to get your question answered is to email If your issue is more complicated, Jordan Webb, Student Engagement Coordinator (Recognized Student Organizations Advisor) can either contact you via phone or schedule a meeting with you to discuss further. When e-mailing, please make sure to always include basic information such as your name, organization name, and best contact number.


Renewing Recognition for Existing Student Organizations

Recognition by San José State University lasts for one academic year, from July 1 to June 30 through the following year.

Every student organization that wishes to continue to operate from year to year must renew their recognition application with Student Involvement each year during the Fall recognition cycle.


Procedure for Re-Recognizing Student Organizations


Step 1. Maintain Required Membership

Student organizations must have a minimum of 8 currently enrolled and matriculated SJSU students, two of which must be a President and Treasurer.

The President and Treasurer must:

  • Have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Be currently enrolled in at least 6 credits (3 credits for graduate students).
  • Not have completed over 150 units or 125% of the units needed for their major.
  • Be in good standing with SJSU.
  • Check and be listed as a member in SJSU|SAMMY.
  • Check SJSU email.

Step 2. Select an Advisor

Student organizations must have an SJSU faculty/staff member serve as an advisor.

The Advisor must:

  • Work for SJSU.
  • Cannot be an employee of an SJSU auxiliary department (e.g.: Associated Students, Spartan Shops, Student Union).
  • Advisors must be verified by Student Involvement.
  • Provide continuity from year to year.
  • Provide SJSU ID for verification.
  • Check SJSU email.


Step 3. Complete Application for Recognition on the SJSU SAMMY App

 When the re-recognition process begins, please follow these important steps:

  • Step 1 - Student Organization Completes online application
    • A unique application URL will be sent to leaders of your organization. DO NOT use the URL link of another organization.
    • Your application will require the following information:
      • Purpose of club
      • Name, Student ID number, and SJSU Email of the President and Treasurer
      • SJSU Email of at least 6 other members of your organization
      • The name, Employee ID number, and SJSU Email of your Advisor
      • The Constitution for your organization
  • Step 2 - Student Involvement Reviews Application (Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing)
    • If all correct, move to Step 3
    • If something is wrong, Step 1 may need to be completed again with updated information.
  • Step 3 - President & Treasurer Complete Training
    • After Student Involvement has confirmed your application is accurate, the President & Treasurer will be loaded into a Canvas course. Both officers will need to complete the course in its entirety to be a recognized organization.
    • Club officers must get 100% on all quizzes in the Canvas course in order to pass.
  • Step 4 - Becoming Re-Recognized (Please allow 2 weeks for processing)
    • An invite to SJSU|SAMMY for administrative access will be received.
    • Re-recognition may take up to 2 weeks while it is confirmed you have completed the required Canvas training.

Here is a video of what the process will look like online:


After the Recognition Deadline:

The recognition process takes approximately six weeks from when you complete and submit the required materials until you receive an official recognition letter. During this period, your timely response to any requests for information or changes to your constitution will speed up the process.

Groups that miss any of the steps will not have their recognition granted.

 Additional Leaders:

Complete the following form to add additional executive board leaders to your roster. Presidents & Treasurers must not be on any university probation and must meet unit requirements. All other officers must not be on any university probation.

Additional Steps for Club Sports and Fraternities & Sororities:

An organization that is a competitive club sports team and competes with non-SJSU sports clubs in a league environment must be affiliated with the SJSU Club Sports Program. For more information, visit the Club Sports.

Organizations seeking affiliation with any fraternity and sorority council (IFC, PHC, NPHC, USFC) must complete the Fraternity and Sorority Expansion Process. For more information about becoming a recognized fraternity or sorority, please contact the relevant Student Involvement staff member.