Finals Week Resources


Sammy’s Tips:

As you begin to hear the conversations about Finals approaching while finishing your end of semester projects, you might be asking yourself, “How am I going to get through this?!”

Sammy Spartan has some tips that will help you succeed and support you through Finals to keep your stress level low!

Sammy’s Tips:

1.  Purchase your final exam materials early! Take a trip to the SJSU bookstore today to purchase Number 2 pencils, scantrons, blue books, along with anything else you need. Do not be the student that shows up to their finals unprepared.


2. Dress warm and comfortably (layers) to protect you from the elements. It’s known to be cold in the MLK Library and some study areas depending on where you choose to study.  


3. Take some time to visit the Student Wellness Center for a FREE massage, make a counseling appointment, learn some relaxation tips, or just to utilize their study space on the first floor! Remember, three deep breaths can change your chemistry to lower stress.


4. Supply check! Make sure your printer has enough ink, printing paper, and that it works! If not, you can always visit the A.S. Print Shop or get last minute free printing at the Student Involvement Office located in the Student Union 1st floor across from Jamba Juice.


5. SSssshhhh… Be aware of your surroundings and who might be affected by your need to study.  Let others know you need quiet space AND be sure to respect the study needs of your roommate(s), study partner(s), family member(s) in terms of space, time, and sound level during focused period.


6. Don’t skip meals despite your busy schedule! Eat healthy and regularly during this time to prevent dehydration and to fuel your brain . Stop by Wellness and Health Promotion for health tips and resources during finals!  


7. Get some ZZzzZZZzzz’s!! Sleep is essential for everyone. Set your alarm, give yourself time to get to your final, and know where you are going ahead of time by checking your final exam schedule.   


8. Don’t wait until you “feel” like studying… just get started with a small study goal.  Sometimes, starting is the most challenging part!


9. Parking 101 reminder ALL Spartans are taking their finals so try to get to SJSU early find your legal parking space.  Make sure your car is safe, locked, and no materials left in view.


10. Take a break and get some Spartan Recreation in your life.  Walk around the campus, get some fresh air, sit quietly and take in the elements as you take a study break.   Don’t forget to have some FUN and SOCIALIZE!! 

Remember: As a Spartan you have a responsibility to BE GREAT & DO GREAT! Good luck on Finals and if you need any further assistance, drop by Student Involvement in the Student Union 1st Floor or call us directly at (408) 924-5950.


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