Advisor Functions & Responsibilities

  1. Be accessible to the student organization for questions, support, and guidance;
  2. Be familiar with university policies and procedures regarding student organizations;
  3. Provide signatures on documents to assist in the space and room reservations, finance/funding requests (Some cases may require the advisor’s attendance at the event);
  4. Participate in the Alcohol Policies and Prevention Program (per CSU Executive Order 1068);
  5. Be listed with email contact information at the Student Involvement Student Organization Online Directory;
  6. Communicate university information to the organization, including reminders regarding the official student organization recognition process

Per CSU Executive Order 1068, all recognized student organizations of the University must maintain an advisor that is either full-time faculty or professional staff member. San José State University has made an exception for part-time lecturers and graduate students to serve as advisors. Employees of Auxiliary Organizations may not advise student organizations, per California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Article 2, Section 42500.

Appointment of the advisor role is a mutual selection between the student organization and prospective advisor. However, the final selection decision rests with the student organization. If a student organization is unable to secure an advisor, the University may suggest potential volunteers that the student organization may contact and choose from.

San José State University believes that as educators, we guide and support students through a learning and development process. Therefore, student organizations should primarily be managed and run by its members and officers. This includes, but is not limited to, decisions regarding the goals of the organization, leadership of the group, events or programs sponsored by the group, or how their finances are allocated.

The student organization advisor is mainly responsible for providing advising and guidance for the organization. They should intervene only to prevent the violation of SJSU policy, Student Code of Conduct (PDF), or Student Organization Code of Conduct (PDF). If you are aware of any violation to the aforementioned policies, please contact Student Involvement's Senior Assistant Director for Student Engagement at 408-924-5957 / or Student Conduct & Ethical Development at 408-924-5985 /

In addition, advisors are responsible for the health and well-being of our students. If you think a student might be in danger of hurting herself or himself or another person, immediately contact SJSU Counseling Services at 408-924-5910 or call 911.