Advantages of Being a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)

Being a recognized student organization at San José State University has many benefits. Beyond the obvious advantages of being a recognized student organization on campus, there are many other rewards for students who engage in student organization activities. First, student organizations add an important component to campus life at SJSU. Secondly, students gain valuable experience in the practical aspects of leadership, communication, risk management, and teamwork. Finally, students who are involved on campus are more likely to be successful in college and have higher graduation rates.

  • Use of the University name (ie. "The Traveling Club at SJSU").

  • Use of University facilities for student organization events (Student Union, Classrooms, SJSU Plazas, etc.).

  • Eligibility to submit requests for funding from Associated Students.

  • Access to resources of the Associated Students General Services Office (Banking, Assistance with ticket selling for special events, etc.).

  • Ability to participate in the Fall and Spring Student Organization Fairs.

  • Inclusion in the Student Organization Directory, Student Involvement website, and other materials produced by Student Involvement.

  • Use a student organization mailbox in Student Involvement.

  • Opportunity to participate in the Annual Student Organization Leadership Conference.

  • Ability to participate in leadership programs and trainings.

  • Access to leadership consultations with the Student Involvement team.

  • Access to the Student Involvement Leadership Library.