Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Policies and Procedures

Follow These Links for Specific Policy Information

Advertising (PDF)
Alcohol (PDF)
Blood Drives
Fraternity & Sorority Community Relationship Statement (PDF)
Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression (PDF)
Greek Management Manual (PDF)
On-Campus/Off-Campus Banking (PDF)
Replica Weapon Use During Cultural Performances, Competitions, etc (Contact Student Involvement Staff for approval)
Replica Weapon Use During Cultural Performances, Competitions, etc. Policy (Contact Student Involvement Staff for policy)
Sound Level at Events (PDF)
Student Activities - CSU Executive Order 1068 (PDF)
Student Organization Code of Conduct (PDF)
Student Organization Funds Administration Policy (PDF)
Student Organization On-Campus Events (PDF)
Student Rights & Responsibilities (PDF)
Time, Place, and Manner (PDF)
Title IX Notice of Non-Discrimination (PDF)
University Policies & Expectations for Student Organizations (PDF)
Use of Campus Facilities & Spaces (PDF)
Use of University Logo (PDF)


Student Involvement makes every effort to post updated policies and procedures as soon as we become aware of changes. If you notice that a document is out-of-date or has been updated, please email us.