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University Advancement
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192-0256

Clark Hall, third floor
Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Rebecca Dukes Vice President for University Advancement 408-924-1120
Marisela Mercado Administrative Assistant to the Vice President 408-924-1764
Julie Jimenez Director for University Advancement
Human Resources and Budgets
Leslie Rohn Chief Operating Officer 408-924-1508
Leah Barrington Administrative Assistant 408-924-1191
Judy Kass Tower Foundation Human Resources Director 408-924-1127
Christina Tan-Aoyagi Controller 408-924-1329
Tina Buan Accountant 408-924-1494
Lani Rasmussen Senior Accountant 408-924-1161
Cindy Nimrud Accounting Associate 408-924-1779
My Phuong Tran Receivables Processing Analyst 408-924-1129
Maria Blake Director of Grant Administration 408-924-1126
Robb Drury Associate Vice President,
Advancement Operations
Judy Anderson Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1172
Sandy Moran Information Representative 408-924-6519
Claudia Tercero Administrative Support Coordinator 408-924-1762

Advancement Services

Maria Ramirez Advancement Services Manager 408-924-1484
Mariah Ortiz Gift Analyst 408-924-1134
Shawna Terry Gift Analyst 408-924-1651
Roya Omid Gift Analyst 408-924-1140

Information Technology

Ron Sakai Sr. Programmer 408-924-1507
Rigo Vargas Information Technology Consultant 408-924-1780
Leonor Cheong Database Administrator /
Analyst Programmer
Daniel Tompos IT Assistant 408-924-1355
Brian Bates Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations / Executive Director,
Alumni Association
Melissa Ferguson Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1489
April Cole Associate Director for Alumni Relations 408-924-6527
Christy Poole Membership and Financial Coordinator 408-924-6520
Nancy Stewart Director, Annual Giving and Special Gifts 408-924-1136
Carolyn Canete Annual Giving Manager 408-924-1782
Jonathan Reyes Annual Giving Officer 408-924-1204


Sheri Bragg Event Planner 408-924-1472
Valerie Gonzales Events and Project Coordinator 408-924-1148
Clifton Gold Events and Outreach Coordinator 408-924-6505  


Beth Colbert Interim Associate Vice President for Development 408-924-1119
Patricia Thompson Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1158
Diane Satriano Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations 408-924-3410
Eric Bonesteel Development Officer, Corporate &
Foundation Relations
Paul McNamara Foundation Relations Officer 408-924-1471
Tina Daniels Director, Planned Giving 408-924-1123
Steve Kelton Planned Giving Officer 408-924-1196

Development Research

Amanda Struer Associate Director of Development Research 408-924-1188


Veronica Murphy Stewardship Director 408-924-2278

Major Gifts

Kathleen Brady Senior Director of Development,
College of Humanities and the Arts
Betty S. Tseng Senior Director of Development,
College of Education, College of Social Sciences
Chuck Cordt Director of Development, Athletics 408-924-1173
Rupal Dandia Director of Development,
College of Business
Sabra Diridon Director of Development,
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
Michael Donohue Director of Development, Science 408-924-1139
Alan Wong Director of Development, College of Engineering 408-924-1144
Melissa Johnson Director, Leadership Annual Giving 408-924-1145
Barry Shiller Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications 408-924-1141
Felicia McKee Administrative Assistant to the Associate Vice President 408-924-1785
Pat Harris Media Relations Director 408-924-1748
Peter Caravalho Graphic Designer 408-924-1014
Michelle Frey Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director 408-924-1191
Christina Olivas Web Designer 408-924-1167
Allison Sanders Advancement Writer 408-924-1171
Jody Ulate Managing Editor 408-924-1151
Eddie Wagner Web Communications Strategist 408-924-1107
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