Spartans Supporting Spartans

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Spartan Pride

"I love wearing the Spartan T-shirts in the "Public Sector" because it makes people aware that SJSU is a major entity of San Jose and Santa Clara Valley and it develops positive recognition for the good things that we do here." — Jim Weber, FD&O

Grounds for Giving

“Being a part of the university that fuels Silicon Valley and beyond with interns and new graduates to grow the economy and provide SJSU’s cutting-edge technology training.” — Donna Gilmour, Career Center

Spartan Strengths

"I give to support the grit, determination and ingenuity of Spartans." — Eddie Wagner, University Advancement

Spartans Supporting Spartans

Faculty and staff members impact the lives of SJSU students every day. Your dedication supports Spartans who are working hard to obtain a world-class education and pursue their goals and dreams.

What department, program, service, scholarship or enrichment opportunity for students do you hold close to your heart? The fourth annual Spartans Supporting Spartans campaign is your opportunity to make a difference there, the part of SJSU that means the most to you. Whether you give online today or conveniently by payroll deduction, remember to make your gift by April 17.

Donate to the Spartans Supporting Spartans Campaign


Your gift enters you into our weekly drawings for a gift basket or gift certificate, and into the end-of-campaign drawing for a designated semester parking space!

Congratulations to Kim Aldridge, the winner of our April 10 weekly drawing!

Kim Aldridge




 "I have given to Spartans Supporting Spartans for some time now  and helping the class of 3 million is it's own reward, but it is really  nice to get this lovely gift!" Kim Aldridge (left) Human Resources





Congratulations to Kim Le, April Lee, Christy Poole and Lai Saechao, previous weekly drawing winners.

Ronald Wong, Lead Systems IT Consultant for Student Affairs Systems, had no problem finding a parking spot last fall after winning last year's Spartans Supporting Spartans drawing for a designated parking spot! 


 Ronald Wong, Lead Systems IT Consultant for  Student Affairs Systems, had no problem finding  a parking spot last fall after winning last year's  Spartans Supporting Spartans drawing for a  designated parking spot!




You have the power to make a difference. Give to support what you care about today.

Go Spartans!


Thank you, SJSU faculty and staff, for supporting last year’s campaign!

Visit the 2014 Donor Honor Roll to find your name on the list of donors. See the charts below for the areas that are being impacted by faculty and staff gifts.

Spartans Supporting Spartans 2014 Annual Campaign

Faculty & Staff Donors by Division

Pie Chart- Spartan Supporting Spartans
Division Donors
Academic Affairs 28%
Administration and Finance 26%
Advancement  18%
Athletics 20%
Student Affairs   8%


Faculty & Staff Commitments by Category

Pie Chart- Spartan Supporting Spartans
Category Commitments
An Investment in Students 73%
Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship   4%
Gateway to Silicon Valley and Beyond   3%
Ongoing Support 20%

Every Gift Counts

Any gift you make will contribute to a sense of partnership and pride across campus and demonstrates to students, alumni, parents, community partners, foundations and corporations that this is an institution worth investing in.

Want to know more about how payroll deduction works? Not certain what fund you can give to or what fund supports which area? Contact the Office of Annual Giving at 408-924-6515 or