Pi Day Quiz Results Analysis


The winners of the Pi Day Quiz are:

  1. Heather
  2. Elden
  3. Vanessa
  4. Matthew
  5. Richard
  6. Mary
  7. Maja
  8. Faroz 

Results Analysis

On the occasion of Pi Day celebrated on March 14, 2015, we had our recent alumni take a Pi Day Quiz with 10 questions related to the Greek letter Pi. One hundred thirty-four respondents took the quiz, and here's an analysis of the overall results:

Overall Score Analysis

Prizes are being mailed out to respondents who scored 100% on the quiz and a few lucky raffle winners. We have compiled a question-specific analysis of user responses. The pie charts below show the user response rate for each possible option for all the 10 questions.

The questions are given below, with the correct answers highlighted in green.

  1. In what TV show does a popular character distract an evil computer by commanding it to “compute to last digit the value of pi”?Graph 1
  2. What is the "formal" definition of pi?Graph 2
  3. Pi is an irrational number. What does that really mean?Graph 3
  4. Some people became mentally deranged when trying to "square the circle". What was this illness named?Graph 4
  5. Imagine if you wrapped a rope tightly around the earth at the equator. How much longer would you have to make the rope if you wanted it to be exactly one foot above the surface all the way around?Graph 5
  6. Who, in 1706, first gave the Greek letter "pi" its current mathematical definition?Graph 6
  7. Four famous astronomy and space stars were born on March 14. They are Albert Einstein, astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli, and...Graph 7
  8. If you calculated the circumference of a circle the size of the known universe, requiring that the answer be accurate to within the radius of one proton, how many decimal places of pi would you need to use? (i.e., 3.14, or 3.1415, or 3.1415926, etc.)?Graph 8
  9. Among the digits of pi currently known, the concentration of each of the digits 0-9 is pretty close to equal. However, in the first 30 places of pi's decimal expansion, which digit is completely missing?Graph 9
  10. What is the earliest known reference to pi in history?Graph 10