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My English major at SJSU brought immediate employment and allowed me entrance into a Stanford Ph.D. program, culminating in a bestselling book and international recognition. I was tenured at SJSU and chosen President's Scholar in 1986. I continued my research all the while teaching the courses I loved, including those in creative arts and humanities. It has been a great ride!

- Gabriele Rico, '59 BA, '64 MA

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Our college is the heart and soul of the university. We offer high-quality, hands-on programs that prepare students to be lifelong learners and skilled critical thinkers. Across the numerous disciplines that comprise our diverse college, our faculty members bring extensive knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the classroom.

I am proud to be dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts and want to share some recent accomplishments:

  • Arts and engineering students, in partnership with Intel, collaborated in the Intel Rapid Prototyping Competition using the Intel Galileo Arduino-compatible development board.
  • Humanities Honors celebrated 60 years of providing a team-taught, interdisciplinary general education program. We also added junior level Humanities Honors classes for transfer students.

I am deeply grateful to loyal supporters who have helped enable our successes. We have many dreams to support our students and programs, including the creation of:

  • An endowment for Humanities and Arts Excellence to support scholarships and internships to recruit and retain talented students.
  • An endowment for Global Humanities and Arts to help promote informed global citizenship among all of SJSU’s 31,000 students.

In the College of Humanities and the Arts, we are powering creativity in Silicon Valley. Please consider making a donation to support students and programs in our exciting disciplines!

Thank you,

Dean Lisa Vollendorf
College of Humanities and the Arts

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