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I am proud to be a Spartan because of the reputation it gives me. SJSU has opened so many doors for me to network with companies in the Bay Area. The hands-on experience in laboratory classes has given me a practical application of my degree.

- Chelsea Jackson, '11 Biology

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Our college transforms science majors into professionals fully qualified for a global and regional work force. We provide core science education for engineers, health care professionals, K-12 teachers and other technical fields, as well as critical mathematics and science skills to students in non-science majors. 

Our goal is to enable all students to achieve a well-rounded education by attaining the quantitative, critical thinking and scientific skills necessary for lifelong learning and informed decision-making on scientific issues. I am grateful to loyal supporters who have helped move us toward this goal with recent accomplishments such as:

  • Undergraduate astrophysics students Richard Vo and Michael Sandoval, working with Assistant Professor Aaron Romanowsky, made national news when they sequentially discovered the two densest galaxies yet found in the universe.
  • Biology Professor Scott Shaffer, working with students Emma Kelsey and Corey Clatterbuck, designed a revolutionary egg-shaped logger device that permits the capture of real-time data on nesting behavior of endangered bird and turtle species.

I invite you to invest in our college and its students so that we can achieve goals such as:

  • Enhancing the student experience by upgrading lab and classroom facilities with new tables, seating and paint.
  • Undertaking college-wide strategic planning that builds on the Academic Affairs plan and SJSU President Mohammad H. Qayoumi’s Vision 2017 Strategic Plan.

Please give to the College of Science today.

Thank you,

Dean J. Michael Parrish
College of Science

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