Erin Enguero

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Some people let things happen. Others take action and make things happen. I’m one of those people who constantly push the boundaries of my capabilities. Are you?

-Erin Enguero, ’15 Kinesiology

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Jessica Ponce

Hi, I’m San José State University kinesiology student Erin Enguero. My bilateral hearing loss inspires and challenges me to see how much I can achieve. In sharing my story and some exciting news about this great university, I want to motivate and challenge you to help pave the way to success for students like me. Please give to the SJSU Fund today because the future is in your hands.

First, the great news about San José State:

  • Generous alumni and friends who invested in the university helped power the resounding success of SJSU’s first-ever comprehensive campaign, Acceleration: The Campaign for San José State.
  • San José State is #3 in California in the 2013 rankings of most affordable colleges with a high return on investment according to

My future is bright thanks to San José State and my parents, who are great role models and mentors. With my hearing impairment, it could have been a different story. Thanks to the services and resources of the Accessible Education Center and the incredible support from faculty and staff members and generous alumni and friends of the university, I face my future with confidence. 

I intend for my future to include earning a doctorate in physical therapy and advocating for people with disabilities. I am well on my way to a promising future thanks to the opportunities I’ve had at San José State.

My mom, an SJSU business college alumna, consistently reminds me, “It’s what you make of each opportunity you have.” A great opportunity I’ve had is a fully-funded trip to Austria as a Salzburg Scholar to learn about global citizenship and what I can do to help globalize our campus. It never would have happened without the support of alumni and friends of the university and SJSU faculty and staff members.

I can’t say enough about SJSU’s incredibly encouraging and supportive faculty members and staff.

  • Kinesiology Department Chair Shirley Reekie kept me apprised on events and opportunities such as the 2013 President’s Scholar award and the William Randolph Hearst/CSU Trustees Award for Outstanding Achievement, which have helped me with tuition and books.
  • Student Health Center Physical Therapist Rachel Vimont, DPT continued the tough love initiated by my mom that has taught me to be resilient. 

Resiliency has come in handy for my mom, who was one of the first few Asian women to hold senior management positions in business, and for me, with my sensory disability. Resiliency has also come in handy for San José State since it opened its doors as a normal school over a century and a half ago. I want to let you know that neither I nor the university would be where we are today without the support of alumni and friends.

As you know, San José State has a great track record of educating and empowering innovative leaders. Education is truly the key to the promising future every single person deserves. You have the power to help make this happen for more than 30,000 SJSU students. Will you please invest in SJSU and students like me by giving to the SJSU Fund today?

Thank you,

Erin Enguero
Kinesiology ’15