Spartans Supporting Spartans Faculty and Staff Campaign 2015 Donor Honor Roll

San José State faculty and staff members are an amazing group of people, many of whom choose to support what they hold close to their hearts at SJSU through the Spartans Supporting Spartans annual campaign. The many proud Spartans recognized here gave to a variety of areas across the university where their gifts and monthly payroll deductions will have a meaningful impact on our students, colleagues and campus

Nikole M. Abrego Special Education

Nitin Aggarwal Management Information Systems

Elizabeth Agramont Political Science

Maria Aguilar Custodial Services

Vidal Aguirre Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Kim Aldridge Human Resources

Thalia Anagnos Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

Curt Anderson College of International and Extended Studies

Melissa Anderson Marketing and Communications

Anna Ang Student Health Center

Eliana Apostolou Health Services

Peggy Arana Undergraduate Studies

Sarah Arreola Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Tony Ayala Custodial Services

Sonia Baltodano Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Rosa Barrantes Custodial Services

Brian Bates Alumni Relations

Michael Beaubien Athletics - Marketing

Johnny Bega Women’s Water Polo

Pearl Bethel Budget and Risk Management

Jessica Black Special Education

Kathryn Blackmer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Melanie Blackwell Student Athlete Success Services

Gene Bleymaier Athletics - Administration

Deborah J. Bolding Occupational Therapy

Eric Bonesteel Office of Development

Roderick Bowie Capital Outlay Project Management

Noelle Brada-Williams English

John Briggs Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis

Tina Buan Tower Foundation

Luann Budd Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Maria L. Bullen Accounting and Finance

Rebeca Burciaga Educational Leadership

Mikhail Burlyga University Police Department Field Operations

Carolyn Canete Alumni Relations

Ron Caragher Football

Wendy Caragher Women's Tennis

Peter C. Caravalho Marketing and Communications

Evelyn Castillo Ramos Career Center

Carlos Catapang Custodial Services

Placentina Chagolla Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Luis Chaidez Custodial Services

Heather Chambers Economics

Emily K. Chan Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Prabha Chandrasekar Management Information Systems

Lisa Chen Human Resources

Michelle Chen Administrative Services

Alice Cheng Facilities Planning

Leonor Cheong Advancement Services

Michael Chisholm Athletics - Development

Thang Suan Cin Custodial Services

Darren Coelho Athletics - Ticket Operations

Beth Colbert Office of Development

April Cole Alumni Relations

Michael Condon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Laura M. Conrad Chemistry

Clare Cordero General Engineering

Eugene Cordero Department of Meteorology and Climate Science

Chuck Cordt Office of Development

Carole M. Correa Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Jamie Craighead Women’s Basketball

Linda Crotty Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Molly A. Crowe Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Michael Crump Student Involvement

Julia E. Curry Mexican American Studies

Ofelia Daquina Custodial Services

Kathryn D. Davis Geography

Larry Deery Facilities, Development and Operations

Meg Deiss Bursar's Office

Michelle Del Real Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Raya DeMarquez Facilities, Development and Operations

William D. DeVincenzi Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Simrat Dhadli Anthropology

Sabra Diridon Office of Development

Jeanne Dittman SJSU Research Foundation

Michael J. Donohue Office of Development

James Dougherty Football

Robb Drury Student Affairs

Seng Eao Custodial Services

Ace Ebalobor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Laurel D. Eby Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Frances Edwards Political Science

Kristine Ellithorpe College of Applied Sciences and Arts

Nicholas F. Enriquez Baseball

John B. Estill Economics

Ignacio Estrada Custodial Services

Michael Fallon Center for Community Learning and Leadership

Lawrence Fan Athletics - Media Relations

Andrew Feinstein Office of the Provost

Fred Foldvary Economics

Roger Nils Folsom Retired faculty member

Michelle Frey Marketing and Communications

Kell Fujimoto Counseling and Psychological Services

Patrick Gale User Experience and IT Projects

Kim Gamblin Accounts Payable

Lilly P. Gangai Academic Advising and Retention Services

Zoila Garcia Custodial Services

Hui Jin Gaxiola Univeristy Police Department Administrative Services

Marna Genes Office of the Provost

Donna Gilmour Career Center

Daan Giron Alumni Relations

Deanna L. Gonzales Undergraduate Admissions and Evaluations

Valerie Gonzales Alumni Relations

John W. Gorvad Auto Shop and Transportation

Elizabeth Grace Accounting and Finance

Margarita Guillen Custodial Services

Dolores Gutierrez Custodial Services

Colleen E. Haight Economics

Jeanine Haldi Athletics - Academics/Student Success Services

Gary Hammonds Custodial Services

Mark Hancock Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Joann E. Hansen History

Christen Hardee Softball

Pat Harris Marketing and Communications

Lavette Hay Secondary Education

Xiu Li He Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Lynda Heiden Psychology

Paulino Herrera Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Lauren Hidalgo Student Health Center

Patricia Evridge Hill History

Amna Jaffer Counselor Education

Liz Jarnigan Athletics - Academics/Student Success Services

Scott Jensen Management Information Systems

Gloria Jimenez Academic Planning and Budgets

Julie Jimenez University Advancement

Christian Jochim Humanities

Melissa Johnson Office of Development

Eva Joice Academic Senate

Judy Kass Tower Foundation

Bassam Kassab Civil and Environmental Engineering

Cynthia Kato Academic Advising and Retention Services

Susan L. Kendall Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

John Kennaday Men’s Golf

Michael Kimbarow Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Elena Klaw Psychology

Marie Kochevar Elementary Education

Romeo Korkis Custodial Services

Bridget Kowalczyk Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Silvia A. La Rosa Journalism and Mass Communications

Erik Larsen Office of Development

Kim-Hoan H. Le Nursing

April Lee IT Desk and Lab Support

Avram Nikko Lyle O. Lobusta Custodial Services

Patricia R. Loredo Communication Studies

Dolores M. Lorigo Bursar's Office

Sylvain Malroux Women’s Tennis

Steve R. Mam Custodial Services

Keith Marin Athletics - Business Office

Christie Martinez Faculty Affairs

Matilde Mata Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

June A. McCullough Communicative Disorders

Marcella C. McCollum Communicative Disorders

Robin McElhatton Marketing and Communications

Coleetta E. McElroy Financial Aid and Scholarships

Felicia McKee Marketing and Communications

Lucy McProud Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

Lynn Meade Athletics - Compliance

Tere M. Mendoza University Advancement

Matthew Miller Athletics - Business Office

Sami Monsur Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Virginia Morales Custodial Services

Laurie Morgan Student Health Center

Darryl Muhammad Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Stella Munday International Student and Scholar Services

Maria Munóz Educational Leadership

Daniel R. Muscatell Women’s Basketball

Dave Nakama Baseball

Sangath Nao Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Mary H. Nino Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Ann Nobuhiro Child and Adolescent Development

Evelyn E. Obaid Computer Science

Samih Obaid Department of Mathematics

Bradley D. Olin Budget and Risk Management

Christina Olivas Marketing and Communications

Roya Omid Advancement Operations

Lydia Ortega Economics

Mariah Ortiz Advancement Services

Casey O'Toole Student Health Center

Linda Ozaki Athletics - Administration

Dora M. Ozawa Office of the Registrar

Veronica Patlan Murphy Stewardship

Soledad Patricio Custodial Services

Fernanda Perdomo-Karp Student Affairs

Joe H. Perez Custodial Services

Reggie Perry Custodial Services

Jeffrey Petersmeyer Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

Scott Pierson Marching Band

Peggy Plato Kinesiology

J. Michael Pogodzinski Economics

Christy A. Poole Alumni Relations

Sarah Portales Custodial Services

Maria Quiñonez Custodial Services

Robi Ragan Economics

Johnny Ramirez Custodial Services

Maria Ramirez Advancement Operations

Loren M. Rendler Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Jonathan Reyes Alumni Relations

Pamela Richardson College of Applied Science and Arts

Christy Riggins Associated Students

Susan Robledo Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. City Library

Jessica Rodriguez Student

Ronald F. Rogers Psychology

Raul Rosales Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Arlene Ruiz Student Health Center

Dora Ruiz Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Lai Saechao Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Vanh Saechao Custodial Services

Yian Saechao Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Fou Saelee Custodial Services

Cheng Saephanh Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Crystal Salinas Human Resources

Alicia Samis Student Conduct and Ethical Development

Allison Sanders Marketing and Communications

Richard Santa Cruz Custodial Services

Michael Santos University Police Department Field Operations

Blake Sasaki Athletics - Development/External Relations

Diane Satriano Corporate and Foundation Relations

Jeanne Sawyer Management Information Systems

Melanie Schlitzkus Office of the Provost

Winifred A. Schultz-Krohn Occupational Therapy

Julie Sedlemeyer Career Center

Melody Sek Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Scott Shaw Athletics - Sports Medicine

Aaron Shepardson Women’s Volleyball

Jolene Shepardson Women’s Volleyball

Barry Shiller Marketing and Communications

Cynthia Siqueiros Enrollment Services

Ashly Siteman Engineering Student Success Center

Chris Smythe Custodial Services

Ruby Sodhi Business Student Advising Center

Sylvia Sosa Administrative Services

Raymond Sotelo Custodial Services

Cynthia Soto Administrative Services

Joe Staab Football

Rae Ann Stahl Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Laurie M. Steinberg Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

Nick Sterkel Athletics - Compliance

Margaret Stevenson Justice Studies

Nancy Stewart Alumni Relations

Jeremiah Still Psychology

Mary Still Psychology

Luz Sturgill Custodial Services

Kimberly Y. Ta Office of the Registrar

Joni Talley Office of the Registrar

Richard Tam Friend of San Jose State

Christina Tan-Aoyagi Tower Foundation

Vaughan Terrell Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Shawna L. Terry Advancement Operations

Ha Thai Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Elisabeth Thomas Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Patricia K. Thompson Office of Development

Sharon Thompson Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Simon Tobin Men’s Soccer

Daniel Tompos Advancement Operations

Myphuong H. Tran Advancement Operations

Betty Tseng Office of Development

Jared Tuberty Engineering Student Success Center

Marie Tuite Athletics - Administration

Peter Turner Softball

Jody K. Ulate Marketing and Communications

Bunthan Um Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Dora Umanzor Custodial Services

Ruffino Valencia Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

Mark Van Selst Psychology

Rigo Vargas Advancement Operations

Aracelis A. Velazquez Rivera University Advancement

Amy Villa Athletics - Media Relations

Angelica Villalpando Custodial Services

Beth Von Till Communication Studies

Eddie Wagner Marketing and Communications

Kelley Watson Women’s Cross Country

James Weber Custodial Services

Titus Whitehead Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Facility

David A. Whitenack Elementary Education

Jourdan Willard Women’s Basketball

Sharon R. Willey Enrollment Services

Sherilyn Williams Counselor Education

Anna Wisholek Educational Opportunity Program

Dave Wojcik Men’s Basketball

Greg Wolcott Counselor Education

Ronald Wong Student Affairs Systems

Sonia Wright Office of Development

Diana Wu Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Ahmad M. Yazdankhah Computer Science

Mari Yetimyan Marketing and Decision Sciences

Eva Joice Academic Senate


This donor honor roll reflects all who supported the 2015 Spartans Support Spartans campaign. We have made every effort to accurately and completely list names in recognition of contributors. Please accept our apologies for any omissions or errors, and contact us so that we may correct our records: or 408-924-1782.