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I'm proud to be a Spartan because of how diverse and fun the campus is. SJSU has given me the tools I need to succeed in life.

- Jake Garrett, '12 Human Performance

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students reading in libraryThe library is the heart of the university. Offering a gateway to information, the library prepares SJSU students for the future by supporting classroom learning experiences and ensuring that SJSU graduates are prepared for a lifetime of exploration and discovery.

We are also proud to offer cultural and educational programs, providing interactive learning experiences and inspiration from experts in their field. Additionally, our beautiful and technology-rich library provides a place for collaborative learning and group study.

As a joint academic and public library, our resources are available to the entire community, and we help meet the educational needs of our diverse community. From elementary school students who are wondering if college will play a part in their future, to local business people who need to use the library’s resources in their work, to teachers who are inspiring the next generation of learners, to seniors who want to further expand their knowledge, the library provides a place to access our rich resources.

Tracey Elliott
Dean, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

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Sabra Diridon
Senior Director of Development, Campaign Priorities

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