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Students affected by the San Bruno fire received a $500 grant from the Division of Student Affairs.

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Fire in San Bruno, CA., September 9, 2010. Photo Credit: AP / Michael Sah.

The SJSU Student Emergency Fund is available to provide financial assistance for out-of-pocket expenses to SJSU students involved in catastrophic or emergency events or situations. Situations or events involve circumstances which are sudden, unexpected and affect a student’s ability to function as a student.

If you want to donate to this fund, go to the SJSU Giving page, select Division of Student Affairs and under Other Purpose type Student Emergency Fund.

Examples include but are not limited to car accidents, severe illness, travel for a funeral of a family member, fire damage, temporary housing, etc. The fund is not available to assist students whose expenses exceed their income and/or who have suffered a job loss themselves or in their family. In those situations, students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office in the Student Services Center. A catastrophic or emergency event needs to have occurred for a student to be eligible for this grant. Grants are awarded for out-of-pocket expenses on a one-time basis up to a maximum of $500.

If you meet the criteria as indicated above, please complete the Student Emergency Fund Application and submit it to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Administration Building 242. You will be notified within seven working days as to the status of your application.