Amanda and Brandon Aufdermauer

Amanda and Brandon Aufdermauer
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Hi, we’re San José State University students Amanda and Brandon Aufdermauer. Our dad motivated and inspired us with his mantra, “You’re going to graduate college; this is what’s going to happen.” We are sharing our SJSU story because we want you to know that you can help make graduation happen for hardworking SJSU students when you make a gift to your college.

Our dad set the framework for our determination to become college graduates, but we made higher education possible by working hard in high school, and in Brandon’s case, in community college. We both chose to attend this great university because it fits within our budgets and offers quality education in the fields we wanted to study. The nursing program’s good reputation was the most important draw for Amanda, especially since our mom graduated from what is now SJSU’s Valley Foundation School of Nursing, while the first-rate business college and the proximity of the San Jose Sharks hockey team appealed to Brandon.

We know we made the right decision. We enjoy interacting with fellow SJSU students from many diverse cultures and nations. We like the friendly atmosphere and strong sense of community. We like the teachers. They are dedicated and truly care about us.

We are proud of the accomplishments of students, faculty members and alumni of this great university. Although it seems a long way off to us right now, we are both looking forward to being among accomplished San José State alumni like you. Amanda wants to be an oncology nurse. She intends to use her experience with our late mom’s illness to help make the lives of suffering children better, even if it’s only by making them smile. Brandon wants to follow in our dad’s successful footsteps by supporting himself in a stable job while he starts his own business. We both want to make a good life for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Whatever our futures hold, we know our San José State education will help us get where we want to go. This is where you play such an important role. As we tell alumni each night in our jobs in the university’s Call Center, gifts are an investment in students and also help to add value to their own degrees, as alumni support is a factor in the rankings of colleges and universities.

We want to let you know that this is a great time to invest in what promises to be a dynamic and exciting tomorrow for San José State. In addition to helping 30,000 students, you will be adding your vote of confidence for SJSU since your gift will be made in time to count toward Acceleration: The Campaign for San José State. Please give to your college today! 

Thank you,

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Amanda Aufdermauer, '16 Pre-nursing
Brandon Aufdermauer, '15 Business